[Post Rotation] R/B Vampires + Burn - Help Needed

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I'm new to the vampires/burn spells. I have a build here that has a good bit of the cards that are good for post rotation R/B Vamps. But it's just not feeling right to me, here's the deck list litterally the first "draft" I've put together so it's not close to finished. But please tell me what you think needs to be added/removed/changed. Thanks.


x4 Stromkirk Noble
x4 Vexing Devil
x2 Blood Artist
x2 Falkenrath Exterminator
x3 Rakish Heir
x4 Vampire Nighthawk
x4 Stromkirk Captain
x4 Bloodline Keepers
x3 Hellrider


x4 Bump in the Night
x2 Thunderous Wrath
x2 Devils Play

22 Lands:
Swamps + Mountains + Dual Lands

2 cards that I really wanted to add were Falkenrath Aristocrat and Olivia Voldaren, but I can't find room...