Not using equipped implement for my paladin/warlock?

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Hi all,

So I'm creating a hybrid paladin/warlock and I've taken versatile expertise so I can use my heavy blades for both weapon attacks and implement attacks. However, when its' equipped, only my paladin abilities are using it, and my warlock abilities say "unarmed." Does anyone know why that might be?

Warlocks don't have heavy blades for an implement proficiency.  Just taking an Expertise feat doesn't give you proficiency with that item.  You'd need to take Arcane Implement Proficiency (Heavy Blades) as well.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Ahhh ok, I misread versatile expertise. I thought it was going to give me proficiency with the implement as well. Is there any way for a paladin/warlock to use the same item for both weapon attacks and implement attacks without taking AIP? Wasn't there a weapon magic ability that allowed warlocks to use it as implements (like there are for bards)? I really don't care what type of weapon it is, as I'm using mostly implement powers from the Paladin.


*EDIT* I found the Pact Blade! I missed it because I was only looking under HEAVY blades, and that only applies to light blades. I guess I'm a rapier wielder!
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