2nd Edition differences : AA42; AAE40 & AAP40

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Hello everyone,

I've been collecting AA ever since Classic came out but have sadly missed AARe. Also didn't get AA42 (yet) as I already owned AA50. Besides those two I have collected all editions.
Which brings me to the 2nd edtions of AA42, AAE40 & AAP40 now in stores.

Do these editions only differ in rules or on other parts of the game as well ? 
I'll probably get the AA42 2nd after all, but as for AAE&P40 (and don't get me wrong here, I'm a huge fan),  I'm not very fond of spending another €150,=+ for only a new set of Game Rules.

I've read a few threads here and from what I've understood of Krieghund's replies, the main differences are a few changes in playpieces and the inclusion of the Alpha 3 rules.
Is this correct ?

Also, as the Alpha rules cover the Global AA40, does that imply that the rules for the "stand-alone" versions (AAE40 & AAP40) haven't changed ?
The 1942 2nd Edition includes map changes, rules changes, and new minis.  I would recommend upgrading.

The 1940 games 2nd editions have one very minor map change which shouldn't affect play much, if at all.  They also contain the Alpha 3 rules and setups (for both the Global game and the Theatre games), which should be published here eventually.  However, the second edition also features "cleaned up" maps and a bunch of new minis, including unique sculpts for Italy and ANZAC.  As a result, you should be able to play the second edition without upgrading if you already own the first editions, unless you can't live without the new toys.
Nice one Krieghund! Many thanks for explaining and the quick reply. You're like the Ghostbusters of A&A (who you gonna call..?) ! Guess I'll be getting the AA42 2nd then. Good to know the Theatre setup and rules are different in the Alpha rules as well. Always thought they'd apply to Global only...Haven't played AAG40 yet, so didn' t really look into it. I know, and I'm calling myself a huge fan..... Have to ponder the 2nd edition AA40's... Maybe they'll make a nifty birthday gift .
Can someone explain in detail scrambling rules. Emphasis on the definition of adjacent. Use Japan attacking pearl as an example. With fighters on wake, midway and pearl. Which fighters can scramble to defend pearl. Please hurry. In a game right now. Pacific 40 second ed.
"Adjacent spaces" is defined on page 8 of the Pacific Rulebook as "those that share a common border".  Hawaiian Islands shares a border with sea zone 26, and it is the only land territory that does.  Wake and Midway do not share a border with sea zone 26, so fighters may not be scrambled from those territories to defend against an attack in that sea zone.
One more question. If unescorted transports attempt an amphibious assault. Up to 3 fighters or tactical bombers can scramble against them right? No surface warships have to be present on either side?
That's correct.  The air units would get one round of defensive fire before the transports could retreat.  Under these circumstances, it would be foolish to send unescorted transports.
Anyone have the PDF of Europe and pacific 1940 second edition rules?
Check AH_Kreighund's response in my "Differences between..." thread. That explains the updates for 2nd edition. I have no idea where you can find the Europe 1940 1st edition rules, but the Pacific Rules are contained on the Pacific 1940 page on the AH site.
I bought both of the second additions of 1940. I'm just wanting a PDF file for the rules and maybe a PDF file of the cost of units. the only spot in both games that shows the cost of units is on the bottom of the board. anyone sitting on the opposite side doesn't know the cost, attack value, or defense values.
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