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Hey I'm playing in a 5man party human cleric(melee) elf rogue (melee) Human warlock Eladrin wizard And me an ex dragonborn paladin/sorcerer (built tanky)

I'm trying to get ideas to replace my self (died last session supprised it didnt happen sooner ive been droping below 0 on average 3 times and encounter.)so far I don't think making another tank is the answer. We're lvl 5 and part of our problem seems to be as a party we don't have much constant dot just burst we're we can do close to 200 dmg in one round. anyway just searching for ideas since I can only think of 2
1 sniper rouge

2 bow/axe ranger
Actually your party does need a good defender, but I think a paladin|sorcerer hybrid is giving up some defender ability for more striker ability and more flavor.

Consider non-hybrid fighter or paladin (probably strength-based). Those are the best defenders. Also let your cleric and rogue know that they should be working with you and each other, not running off on their own.

Fighter does more sustained damage than paladin and is a slightly better defender, but paladin brings healing to keep himself upright.

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Actually your party does need a good defender, but I think a paladin|sorcerer hybrid is giving up some defender ability for more striker ability and more flavor.

Consider non-hybrid fighter or paladin (probably strength-based). Those are the best defenders. Also let your cleric and rogue know that they should be working with you and each other, not running off on their own.

Fighter does more sustained damage than paladin and is a slightly better defender, but paladin brings healing to keep himself upright.

Yeah could work but my main issue was I was so sticky and even with my ac of 25 + (dragonflame mantle / glacial armour I juse couldn't stand up to the abuse I'm trying to take for the party I think it was due to only having 47hp andhi was being 1/4 shotted. also howmuch more damage can a proper defender take cause I'm not sure my defences would be any higher.

If you want to tank as a defender, Warden or Battlemind are the way to go.  Battlemind is Con primary.  If you want to stick dragonborn and build with a 20 Con at 1st level you have 35HP, 14 surges, surge value 13.  Add 6 HP per level.  Warden are also incredibly tough, getting the most HP in the game.  And there are builds of warden that use Con rather than Dex/Int as a bonus to AC when in light armour.

If you want a defender that is easier to use but still full AEDU, try a berserker.  Uses and aura rather than marking, and you can drop the aura and go striker (beserker fury) to dish out much more damaged.

At had a really tough time my first go as a defender, but I have grown to really really love defender.  I do have one gripe with them though.  Skills list and # of trained skills are so low campared to other classes that it is really hard to make a defender effective out of combat.  CHA primary paladins with social skill is an easy exception.  Otherwise you usually get Athletics, Endurance, and one other where your modfier is so low that someone else is always better at it.  Just about every other class get 4-5 trained skills and have better list to choose from.

I love that DDN does ot tie skills to abilities.  You can actually build a tank that's effective out of combat.  Now if we could just get rid of the crippling penalties on small races,


I wouldn't go for another stiker, I would go for a defender.  It sounds like you are taking too many hits maybe.  Defenders should take more hits than anyone else, but they shouldn't take all of them.  And your cleric should be focusing on making sure you can take hits.

Wardens tend to work well as a tough defenders and I think one would work well in your party.  They can take a beating better than any other class for the most part, in a large part because they tend to do better with status effects.    Generally wildblood is the best of the warden builds and that has the advantage of a better set of skills than a lot of defenders, particularly since they are the only defender that usually has a good perception right off the bat.

But really almost any pure defender (fighter, paladin, swordmage, battlemind, warden, or knight) would work well for your party.  You will also get more surges than a hybrid and probably have more powers that help you take a beating.

I'd go in as a dwarven battle rager fighter or paladin. Fairly hard to kill. 

A swordmage has similar flavor to what you originally played, an arcane sword guy defender and doesn't suffer from being a hybrid. You might find it enjoyable, and a little stronger. 

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Make a warden. You get AC from constitution. Dragonborn by the way as well. So your health is at a good high and your healing surge is pretty high as well.

Earthstrength obviously. But since your the tank. your minor at will marks everything around you. Which helps a little. But heres the kicker.
You have a lot of regen abilities. And your at wills can either give you 1 more ac or temporary hitpoints equal to your constitution modifier. The cleric should also buff you as well if they are smart enough to help the defender live.

But the forms are pretty nifty. I know one later gives 5 health regen. Which you can stack with wellspring strike. So when bloodied, you effectively have for yourself 10 health regen. Plus any temporary health you get if you hit. If you need space. I hope you picked thunder ram assault. Knock your taget. (for me) 7 squares away and everything in front of you within melee range by 1.

Your weapon. A polearm. Also a reach weapon by the way. Armor. You don't need to pick up a proficiency. Otherwise you just waste a feat. However. early in. you would want toughness, hafted defence(+1 ac and reflex) and improved defences I think you can snag as well.

Since your level 5. You could sneak a magic armor in since you have gold. Our dm kinda keeps it generally even so you can pretend your teammates never looted your corpse.  

By the way. Your cleric could heal you at times as well. Or the dm could stop giving level 8 encounters to you. Mine does that right now to make it harder. But all it does if give monsters 20+ attacks all the time. Usually near 30 so you cannot miss it at all. So that doesn't quite help us.

Now your stuff isn't the absolute highest. But it has great utilities. Like you get a few from endurance. Like drop to zero and you get back up at your healing surge value. Enter the crucible later as well. Which means you reist 10 damage all the time. Its nice.
And you also rock with all your regens so really by level 8. You need to effectively be hit for more than 10 an attack to take damage. And you regen 5 or 10 when needed. And you have attacks that let you spend a healing surge. I think I had like 13 healing surges and didn't even have durable yet. 

Plus remember that your health would need to dip to the negative of your max health to officially die. And your cleric. A healer. Can roll a heal check to stabilize you from dieing. So your death falls on your clerics shoulders in the end. So thats why you build a warden. You can later in not need a healer since you just buff your defences and counter anything the dm does. (form of the willow sentinal. The counter if they give something threatening reach and knockbacks on its attacks. And since usually your the only one being hit, others could be smart enough to heal you and give you potions. If not. You can chose not to use your immediate interupts.

Ooh and don't forget stoneroots endurance. You use it when the dm gives that your going to be hit for a critical look. Roll a d20 and hope for 10+ If not. endure pain. which resist 5+ constitution modifier. So you negate even more. 

Honestly the warden is built to counter the dms ability to kill you.

(and for backgroun. Go with guardian as you can get more endurance and a immediate interupt to save the other melee so that they learn to heal you. And gives the feel that you could survive things that would have killed them. If they don't get the hints there. Then they can mark their own things and learn to survive without the target being marked.)  

And I did the figuring on it. If you are dropped to zero. Bears endurance. so you get healed for your surge value. then assuming your not knocked down again, or healed. You on your turn use a healing surge, action point, either another healing surge or second wind. You would effectively be at about max health again. Able to laugh at how little the dm had done to kill you. Which is why you have constitution and a dragonborn. Heck you can take a feat to make your max health rebound even stronger. 

More damage, more defence, more health. Yeah. You spent your turn to go from a situation where you were near death to alive and well.

Granted it costs you dailies to do.
Something to keep in mind is that a defender is not meant to be a tank in the computer game sense. A defender's job is to tie up enough enemy attention to ensure that no one in the group can be ganged up on by all of them - and that includes ensuring that the defender himself can't be ganged up on.

If you're a group of five facing a group of five then the defender ought to be occupying anywhere from one to three of them on a typical round, not all five of them. The other characters need to take some of the hits and run interference if there's a danger of everything attacking the defender.
Your cleric will definitly be able to hold their own on a target. And the rogue should be able to do something if ones on it. They are squishy, but they also have means to escape. But if you hold all of them. you won't survive until a bit further than level 5. Given dms like to give harder encounters. Usually to speed up leveling and such. We faced something that was a level 12 with defences lowered. But it also got rid of its own health summoning minions.

I would assume your dm also has ranged enemies since  with players, is very difficult to get more than three at you. Your rogue would be in most danger given being behind. And alls I could say is that if you are forced to take all the hits. The other people need to infect a level or two into suvivability. Many run glass cannon builds for strikers.

Better than a swarm druif though. they are as deadly to enemies as allies. And they do enjoy making poison do a lot more damage and be even harder to get rid of. 

Or make a druid and go into the defender one. You get a lot of things to increase your defence and abilities. Plus you have access to aoe attacks and if all else fails, you can get away. More of a flavor one. Pretend your a giant bear and eat faces. your effective, but you also can be a controler ar the same time. Which is very good.

Although I do enjoy shape shifting, so a little biased. And favorite power source is primal. I would spend a couple nights. Build a couple defenders. Trying to counter what the dm often does to you. I doubt you guys meet to play every single night.

Like for instance. im the party I have. We have an assassin. Where if he has combat advantage on something he becomes rediculously over powered. But he is pretty cruddy without it. Like his AC is barely 20.. CA and he jumps to over 30. If I used wardens touch to buff it by my constitution modifier, he can use one ability to pretty much keep attacking until he is pretty bloodied. Even better if the thing is marked.

Druid. Wouldn't help him much. 

Although I think it was a choice to make between something that lowers my ac to buff someone elses for a round, and endure pain. I may homebrew it and take both. Given that even with marking it wouldn't help a whole ton with what we face most of the time.

But would still spend a couple nights. Say before bed on your laptop and play around with the builder. Make something as strong as you could durability wise. And you should be fine.

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