Critique my first real deck. (X-Posted from Multiplayer as I created there by accident)

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TL;DR -> I'm new, here's my deck tell me how good / bad it is. Thanks. ;)

Note: I originally posted this in Multiplayer but I predominatly play 1v1 so I thought I should move the post here to get some feedback. I'll close the original thread to no clutter up the forums. 

Apologies for that screw up. 

Now, on with the show...

So I started Magic about a month ago and was hooked from the first game. I'm not a young gamer and was quite surprised at its complexity as I really always thought Magic TCG was only for kids (IE 11-12 yr olds).  

What a surprise to see gamers of all ages play this!

Anyway.. after getting some starter decks and pulling a few boosters, doing some research and playing a handful of games I hit the online stores and purchased a couple of singles or traded at work etc to make my first 'real' deck.

I'd like you all do comment on it please.

My goals are as follows.

  1. Stick to M13 as I play Standard Type 2 rules 

  • So current core and last two blocks. With RTR so close I just went ahead and lmited myself to M13 , Innistrad and RTR as my 'current' blocks.)

  • 1v1, 2v2 and 4 man Free for All are my preferred play styles for now. (NON COMPETITION, just local FNM's and work groups that plays at lunch).

    • I would like something that is flexible for those types.

  • This is from what I understand a 'semi' pauper deck as I dont have multiples of Sublime Archangel (one purchase was enough for now), no Plainswalkers etc.

    • I am not afraid to invest a little money though to make this a 'decent' competitive deck at the FNM's I would like to attend from time to time.

  • I'm new, be gentle and dont assume I know why you would suggest card X over Y. (Thanks for understanding).

  • The Deck:

    2 Mask of Avacyn For Hexproof here and there.
    3 Duty-Bound Dead or 3 Tormented Soul I flip flop on more exalted or the unblockable.
    2 Champion of the Parish I have 2 more incoming. ;)
    3 Knight of Infamy 
    3 Knight of Glory
    2 Serra Avenger Could swap out but they are tough and cheap.
    3 Silverblade Paladin Thinking 2 may be enough.
    Vampire Nighthawk Got 3 more coming will possibly replace Serra Avengers w/ these.
    3 Guardians of Akrasa With Champions and Serra, maybe I dont need these so badly anymore (I did when I first made this deck)
    Sublime Archangel Even a noob like me knows what this is for. ;)
    3 Duskmantle Prowler 
    Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis I wasn't sold on this guy but I felt I need a 'fat' high end hitter for the real finishing it off.
    3 Sign in Blood I like the 'delve' and it's paid of already a couple of times.
    2 Angelic Benediction More exalted.. but is this too much more?
    4 Oblivion Ring Staple for this archtype deck
    4 Murder Same a O-Ring need the quick kill to get an openned / defend in a tight situation.
    4 Evolving Wilds
    2 Vessel of Endless Rest
    9 Swamp
    8 Plains

    Only thing left to say is I'm hoping to trade a couple of cards locally to get me 2 Isolated chapel so I can get rid of the artifact / mana generators but I dont have any right now.

    Looking forward to hearing what you all say.

    Hey there! Welcome to the boards! Great first try at a deck I must say. Good understanding of curve and the need for more cheap cards early and just a few fatties at the end.

    Right now, without the isolated chapel and upcoming godless shrine to balance out your mana requirements, you may find lots of trouble casting some of the double or double spells early on.  Some good articles on building a deep mana base found here

    I learned a ton here. Not so bad where you are now, but it's just good knowledge.

    Id drop the mask. It's a 5 mana investment for +1+2 and hexproof at sorcery speed. Meh, you have better users for that mana especially early on. More exalted dudes for sure if you are going that route, either push it hard or not at all. Bump them all to 4 of. Vessels of rest is pretty underwhelming for 3 mana-plenty of real dual lands coming to fix for you. 

    Without a way to force damage through when you swing with exalted. Flying just isn't enough with all the tokens running around. You have white, so perhaps some type of lifelink to compensate for the lack of trample or unblockable? Just an idea.

    I would replace all the avengers with nighthawks, but again, you need those duals to make sure you can choose either white or black so you can in fact drop either one on turn 3, something you cant do with basic land.

    Thats all I got right now, pretty cool little first deck! 
    THanks a ton for the info and the link awesome explanation around mana consumption and how to keep up tempo through proper usages / balance of your mana coverage and depth.

    I have second deck I made for my wife and kids (that I also play at work and may bring to this weeks FNM) and I had issue with it's tempo. I read this article adjusted and simmed it and it seems like it will be performing a LOT better.

    So thank you for "Teaching me how to fish" as opposed to just throwing me a snack. ;)

    No problem mate! I learned a ton from that article i gave you, as well as just other more experienced ppl passin me down the knowledge.  Cant not pass it down the line some more!

    if you have an updated list/idea's, feel free to post more