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So I have an idea about a material in Athas. While yes, bone, stone, and wood make fine armor and weapons for the Athasians, I thought of something that could be uniquely Athasian- sun glass. In the very deepest reaches of the desert, where there is not but sand and the sun, the heat eventually turns the surface sand into glass; but not the fragile break-able glass that we know in our world, or in other fantasy worlds. This glass is stronger than wood, bone, or stone for weapons and armor, but not quite as strong as metal. Merchant houses have whole expeditions into the desert to collect one large sheet of sun-glass, which I imagine would come in sizes of around 10 feet by 10 feet or so, maybe larger. This glass is then shaped into weapons, armors, and tools by glass-singers, who use a combination of the right wavelengths of sound from their voice and instruments and psionic powers to mold the glass.

Sun-glass armor and weapons, if you're using a weapon breakage rule, if they were to break, the character would have to roll to hit again; if they miss the attack, then the weapon breaks. If they hit, they still don't do any damage, but the weapon doesn't break. I'm also using an armor-breakage rule for any attack that could damage armor; if the enemy attacking gets a natural 20 on their attack, the AC of the armor goes down by 1. Glass armor, the enemy has to roll again to hit to see if they break the armor. If they hit, the armor breaks and the AC goes down. If they miss, it doesn't.

What do you think? 

First off...
Do you have any idea of the heat needed to create glass? I happen to have worked at a glass manufacturing company, so the idea of this just happening out in the desert on a planet, that humans live on, seems silly to me. The company I worked for used additives to the mixture of sand to bring the melting point DOWN to just shy of 3000 degrees. If it would ever reach close to that anywhere on Athas, none of us could have normal race characters roaming around.

Now, passed that major problem, I like the idea of glass, to a degree, in some weapons (I'm thinking shorter bladed weapons, and maybe crushed chunks jammed into bludgeoning weapons). For armor, on the other hand, I just don't see it as being a good idea - shards of broken glass smashed into your flesh, on top of damage done, anyone?
Hey squid!

The only natural glass on Earth is fulgurite. This being a magical land of cannibalistic unicorns and defiling leprechauns, you could go with sunglass. But beware, anything rarer than stone/bone/wood is thus as rare as metal...and you're back to square one.

On Athas, obsidian for weapons needs to be mined but is very cheap and plentiful despite the heavy cost in cut-up slaves. As such, sunglass would need to be either more plentiful than obsidian yet more difficult to obtain, or the reverse, to match up the quantities of obsidian we see available to athasians. Also, if you need a skimmer-load of slaves or freemen to extract/collect, it's gonna raise the price.

As to what sunglass should do, I've been out of 4e for too long. Hope for someone else.

And cut the whole shaped-with-sound thing. That is so ... choose whatever adjective you want that describes mundane fantasy settings. Just have it be shaped by regular's the glass that's special after all, not the forging process.
There already is weapon-grade superglass on Athas; it's called obsidian.

You can add anything to your setting, but be aware that this requires an awful lot of magical fudging--way moreso than the idea of the Silt Sea (the silt would just compact if it wasn't kept magically suspended) and I can't think of any realistic reason why this sort of glass would be better than (or even as good as) obsidian or other weapon materials. Unlike Pennarin, I like the idea of sound-shapers in general, but I think maybe they would be the WORST choice for shaping sunglass (which is likely to be more problematically brittle than bone, obsidian, or wood, and thus most likely to shatter when affected by sonics).
Sometimes I say that certain magical type weapons are made out of "psionically hardened glass" or alternatively out of "psionicly empowered crystal"

I just say they act as metal, and that's it. 
I make heavy use of psionically hardened obsidian. Properly fashioned, obsidian can hold an edge measured in microns, and is used in the real world for surgical scalpels for heart surgery and other delicate work. A sword with such an edge, psionically strengthened, makes for a nasty weapon.
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