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I would love to see a series of thick, well-bound tomes, each containing a compilation of 3.5 material. One could include every base class, one could include every prestige class, one could include every spell, one could include every monster, and so on. Some of the more broken content could also be re-balanced, and everything could use a revision. These books would have to be built to last, so they could be enjoyed over a period of years.
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How does this sound?

  • Tome of Classes. The 50 best and most iconic classes, revised and with extra art and sample characters.

  • Tome of Prestige Classes. The 75 best and most iconic prestige classes, also with revisions and more art.

  • Tome of Monsters. The 500 best monster entries, with additional fluff, streamlined mechanics, and quite a bit of new art.

  • Tome of Spells. The 1,000 best spells.

  • Tome of Options. Every feat, race, alternate class feature, and piece of mundane equipment.

  • Tome of Treasures. Every magic item, with many re-balanced.

  • Tome of Rules. An easy, revised rules reference complete with errata, similar to the 4e Rules Compendium.

They could be sold for $35-65 a piece, depending on thickness. They would be sturdy, tough, and well-bound.

From a business perspective, I think this would actually be a good move for the Wizards. It would cost little to produce, as most of the material is already there, and it would please 3.5 fans.
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Joshua, I don't think there are even 50 base classes in total for 3.5, and every feat in the game put into one book would be more than 400 pages.

Apart from that, it sounds like a great idea. I'd put the mundane equipment in the same book as magic items and the alternate class features in the book of classes.
There were at least 42.

11 phb
4 phb 2
4 expanded psionics
4 miniatures handbook
2 heroes of horror
4 complete psionics
3 compleate adventurer
3 compleat warrior
2 complete mage
3 complete champion
1 eberron
1 dungeonscape
Three more from Oriental Adventures brings it up to 45.

I suppose the rest of the slots up to 50 could be filled with Dragon Magazine classes, such as the Battle Dancer and Sha'ir.
I don't know much about 3.5, but this sounds like an excellent idea to me. Much more consumer friendly for an out-of-print game and much more likely to get people that already own this stuff to buy it again.
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