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erdana, sans-serif">Some of you may wonder why I skipped Aquas/Seashield in my relentless treatment of Alphatian realms.  I intend to detail the underwater kingdom when I’m comfortable making nice bubbles.  I started working on Bettellyn instead and got somewhat bogged down—you know, too much of a good thing.  My concepts need to age a bit before they develop this gamy, slightly spicy taste that begs washing down with a full-bodied, heart-warming Cabernet.  I shall pluck these ideas hanging in the back of my mind when they grow heavy enough that my nose points resolutely toward heaven, and inscribe them on the screen glaring before me.  As a thankful break from the mad dash to get through the entire mainland—the Grand Tour d’Alphatia if you will—I thought I’d stop and play with something else that crossed my mind.

erdana, sans-serif">erdana, sans-serif">Blue Dragonerdana, sans-serif">erdana, sans-serif">Nothing prevents air-breathing dragons from hiding underwater or swimming, especially if they enjoy water-breathing spelerdana, sans-serif">erdana, sans-serif">ls.  This isn’t their ideal realm, however.  It’s the water, you see.  It gets into their nostrils ands ruins their breathing.  There are sea-wyrms, which are comparable to surface breeds except they have no wings at all and their limbs are much shorter.  It is fortunate wyrms are incredibly agile and flexible, otherwise they’d never be able to scratch any part of their serpentine bodies.  On the other claw, they can breathe both air and water and may develop webbed digits, so they stand as the halfway breed.  Aside from these fearsome beasts, fully aquatic counterparts do exist.  In most ways, they are similar to the former, at least as far as physical attacks, hit dice, and armor class are concerned.  However, their appearances and “breath” weapons have adapted to a marine setting, and the alignments often differ from surface breeds.  For simplicity, let’s take the seahorse-like leafy seadragon or the blue dragon nudibranch as common “formats” for aquatic dragons.

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I Noticed in your Dragon Magazine Article the Sea Dragon dominating much of the Waters of Ierendi was to be considered a Green Dragon with regard to Ceremony of Sublimation. So this particular Sea Dragon should be treated as a Chaotic Dragon? Or mearly as a Green Dragon when it comes to HD ranks to determine progression from Large to Huge to Immortal Guardian?

Currently for my own Campaign Prince Kol is handing out Firkins (200lb of diamonds, 40 million gp) of Diamonds from his great crater to huge Dragons to allow them to achieve Ceremony of Sublimation like birthday presents because  - A firkin of diamonds is sufficient wealth to give a huge dragon a -319% chance of failure at becomming immortal. So once immortal all subordinate chaotic dragons of a Dragon achieving immortality attack each other throwing a region into chaos.
So I have something planned for the Dragons of the Known World (only the Sea Dragon of Ierendi and the Green Dragon occupying the Forests of Southern Atruaghin qualify as Huge Chaotic Dragons - the others only Large) that shoud really disrupt shipping around Ierendi and Southern Darokin (Along with the Maelstroms, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions). AC1020 is shaping up to be a Year of Chaos.
The Citadel Megadungeon:

@Yellow Dingo.  Sorry, I missed your post, way back a year ago.  I wasn't notified (I think).  But yes, this should be treated as a chaotic dragon.  It looks like part of the text in my earlier post and its formatting gor messed up. 

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