Evil Dungeons of Blood

Evil Dungeons of Blood by Joseph D. Smith

Each game must use the following elements and format:

[Throwing Star]
Credits: 4
SP: 1

Credits: 3
SP: 2

Credits: 2
SP: 3

Credits: 1
SP: 4

There is also a hierarchy:

Shields beat Swords & Throwing Stars.
Swords beat Throwing stars & Bombs.
Bombs beat Shields.
Throwing stars beat Bombs.

Each weapon must be activated by sacrificing another with it's SP to pay for it's credits! SP are added to a Credit Pool, where the credits may be spent on anything. Each player takes turns using weapons against each other by paying as many credits as they want to make their attack stronger, but credits must be used in order to use a weapon, until there is still one left with atleast one weapon! That player then uses a credit to finish off the last player directly.

If a player cannot defend themselves, they are then attacked directly, and thus loses the game!

Once the SP of a weapon is used, that weapon may no longer be used, as all credits are wiped out from that weapon! Although, a player may still sacrifice a weapon even after it has used some of it's credits, as long as the credits are not down to zero.

Feel free to modify the game, as it is in the Public Domain!

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