Rhox Faithmender themed standard deck, critique/suggestions please

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Tonight I did reasonably well with in a recent draft by getting Rhox and 3 Angel's Mercies. So I decided to try a new standard deck with cards I have available.

The basic theory is to gain enough life to ignore most of the direct damage done, and aim for a mid game smack down with flyers. My collection isn't the best, but i'm open to ideas

Amazing thing I found out about Rhox is the double life gain ability stacks with other Rhoxs'. So 1 life gain will be 2 with 1 Rhox, 4 with 2 Rhox, 8 with 3 Rhox and 16 with 4 Rhox's, this in itself can get insane so fast. (now I know having 4 Rhox's on board will be unlikely, but the potential is there)


4x Rhox Faithmender (main theory card for the deck)
4x Pacifism (Some creature control)
4x Divine Verdict (More creature control)
2x Seraph of Dawn (Flying with LL, but may be too costly in mana curve)
4x Cathedral Sanctifier (Cheap life gain and early blocker, potential of 6-48 life gain)
4x Divine Favor (Life gain and decent Enchantment, potential of 6-48 life gain)
4x Angel's Mercy (Expensive Life gain, but has a potential of 14-112 life gain, dependant of Rhox's)
1x Sublime Angel (Mid-late game finisher)
4x Aven Squire (Early flying damage)
4x Serra Avenger (Mid game finishers)
1x Entreat of the Angels (Mid-late game finisher)

23x Plains

 Sideboard (still working)
4x Oblivion Ring

Average mana, 2.70, 38.3% lands

T1: Cathedral Sanctifier 23 Life
T2: Rampant Growth
T3: Rhox Faithmender
T4: Thragtusk 33 Life
T5: Sudden Disappearance 49 Life. Then in your opponent's turn, you die to an infect deck :P

Well without Sanguine Bond or something like that, unless you have a infinite life combo (and even then...) it's not wort to rush up to life. It's good to gain like when you play control to keep a safe distance from Game Over, but not have the whole deck focused on that.

Thread about that: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Needs more chalice of life/chalice of death.  maybe safe passage to keep your life total high and get some bonus life link in.
Oblivion Ring instead of Pacifism in main deck. Or at least a split between them.  While I can see that you really want to keep it mono white it seems, dipping into green might help you out with some Win Conditions Thragtusk and when the rotation happens Heroes' Reunion.
While lifegain won't be how you "win" it should be able to put your life total out of reach so either your opponent scoops, or you just drop a Chalice or swing with some beast tokens from Thragtusk. Going a G/W Flicker route with Cloudshift and Restoration Angels would be super effective. You top out the curve at probably 5, with ramp for early game and I think it could be fine. Hell, throw in [c]Gavony Township[c/] to pump up the Beast tokens should you see fit.
Black for the lifelink vamp and Exquisite Blood.
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