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If I get attacked with a Skullbriar with a bunch of counters on it, or even any creature with a bunch of counters, can I use Vhati il-Dals ability to give it 1 power in order to not get hit for damage? Or would the counters still be there? I played a commander last night where I encountered this situation and the two other players insisted that the counters would still be there and that I would get hit for full damage. Is that how it would work? I would have thought that because I had used the ability after the counters had been gained that the power would just go right down to one.
Vhati's ability sets the base Power, effects that modify power (like +1/+1 counters) are still applied afterwards.

In your example, Vhati would do nothing to Skullbriar (his base power is already 1).

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