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This is my current deck. thinking of ways on how to upgrade it to be a better hexproof unblockable deck.


Invisible Stalker x4
Sacred Wolf x2
Aven Fleetwing x2
Primal Huntbeast x2
Ambush Viper x4
Gladecover Scout x4

Spidery Grasp x2
Turn To Frog x3
Unsummon x2
Titanic Growth x4
Disperse x2


Ghostform x1
Artful Dodge x1

 Spectral Flight x2
Curse of the Bloody Tome x1


 Elixir of Immortality x1


 Island x11
Forest x11
Evolving Wilds x2

Not sure what else to get so was wondering on your opinion.

I am Blue/White

I am Blue/White


the honest answer is just to play a better deck.  this one isn't very good and isn't likely winning much.  besides a lot of these cards are rotating. 

Blue is the best color ever. How do you deal?  ------------------------------  Team GFG - "gulf, foxtrot, gulf" 



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Best Pauper Deck in the format, not close:



hmm.. what changes do you recommend?
I'm still pretty new to Magic and all 
I am Blue/White

A general Deckbuilding rule I learned from one thread I read awhile back was this: (with regards to how many copies of cards to have)

4 or more -->You want it in your opening hand.
3 --> You want to see one during the course of the game.
2 --> You have a way to tutor/dig for it, but it isn't necessary to see during the game.
1 --> You BETTER have a way to tutor/dig for it, otherwise you most likely will not see it during the game.

The reason I say this is because IDK how consistant your deck is. you have a couple 4-ofs, which I'm guessing you want to see more times than not, which is fine, but then you kind of get sporadic with the rest of the deck. A single Elixir of Immortality is fine because you don't want to see it more than once in a game most likely. Spectral Flight is a very good card, and I would suggest that you make that a 4-of since it gives evasion and pump, both of which are awesome. Curse of the Bloody Tome should just be taken out, as it isn't doing much here since you aren't trying to Mill anybody or yourself. Dual lands are also very nice to have, but if your budget doesn't allow that then its not a huge deal, but it would certainly help fix the mana a bit.
Anyone else have any thoughts what I should? Trying to get as much advice I can on this!
I am Blue/White

One card that I like a lot, but it's rotating, is Dungrove Elder. Hexproof and is as big as the # of forests you have in play.
Blue counter spells for board sweepers. You may not be able to remove them with spot removal, but any control or midrange deck will probably be running at least two board sweepers if not more, which will catch your hexproof creatures. Runchanter's Pike or Trepanation Blade are also cards to consider using for your Invisible Stalker.
4x Invisible Stalker
4x Lone Revenant
4x Primal Huntbeast
2x Fettergeist
2x Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
(gets you the right creature when you need it)

3x Outwit
3x Negate

4x Giant Growth (yay reprints, coming in RTR)
4x Wild Defiance
4x Spectral Flight

Also, you could splash black for Homicidal Seclusion

Anyone else
I am Blue/White

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