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Does the displacer beast's displacement give the beast a 50-50 chance of evading area of close burst attacks?
No, Displacement doesn't work against Close, Area or Wall attacks, it only work against melee and ranged attacks.

Displacement: When a melee or a ranged attack hits the displacer beast, if the player rolled an odd number on the attack roll, the attack misses. If the player rolled an even number on the attack roll, the attack hits as normal, and the beast loses this trait until the start of its next turn.

Thanks for the fast reply. I have a follow up question. Your text has the displacement coming back on at the start of next turn, but MM1 has it recharging when the beast moves two sq on its turn. Which is right?
The one i quoted is from the latest iteration of the Displacer Beast published in Monster Vault, (pg. 57) and Madness at Gardmore Abbey (pg. 18). It is by by being the most recent and up to date one.
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