My Myr loop deck, help?

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Ok I think this deck is fairly solid but it could use some work. What do you think?

I'm kinda undecided on the searchers but they're cheap($$) and they work, but I'm looking for better Ideas. You could Swap wall of Shadows For Guard Gomazoa if you want it modern legal. I was also thinking of adding Harvester of souls to this for some draw but I want to get the other problems fixed before trying that.
I think you could do the same thing with Ashnod's Altar instead of Ironworks; costs one less to play and is equal to the transmute costs you have since you don't have any non-creature artifacts.  Right now, I don't know what you're transmuting for...they're all 3 cost transmutes but you have a 4 cost artifact and a 2 cost artifact as the necessary pieces for infinite looping...EDIT:  wait...I didn't read transmute closely enough, DISREGARD.  Similarly, you could get an infinite loop with Heartless Summoning but I guess that would kill your Blood Artists.

I think you can lose the Wall of Shadows and get some other finding artifact stuff; Tinker or Fabricate if you care about legality since the loop doesn't happen unless you have 2 Myr Retreivers.

Ashnod's Altar is a good suggestions since one of the 3 cmc trasmute cards is a wall - Drift of Phantasms - (which can help you stay alive till you get your other combo pieces) and at cmc 3 it can tutor for Selhoff Occultist (in case you got your loop but no win con). have to agree with forumbrowser on the artifact search (and Fabricate is again a 3 cmc card, so your Drift of Phantasms could also get you that (which again can get you your 2nd retriever (sure not very good mana wise, but can happen once in a while))
Ok how bout this? Better/Worse? Also what do you think of Harvester of Souls? Worth it or should the game be over before the draw would make a differance?

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