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We had debate last night in our session about the use of the Ranger Ability Last Blood.  The card states that if the Stance token is on the card at the start of the villian phase you can remove the stance token.  The player can move up to his/her speed and can also use an At-Will attack.  

2 Questions came up.  

1) Cattibrie has a similar stance ability, who's stance activates first?  In a group adventure I'm sure players use what is more beneficial in the senerio.  But in a team vs. team, or player vs player senerio what would be the order?  We assumed it was the active player first or if clockwise from the active player unless we're missing something on the card.

2)  The card states move and can also use an At-Will.  It does not state move THEN use an At-Will.  (Which another of his abilities does state).  Could a player for strategic purposes use the Last Blood to Attack a monster that he/she is already adjecent to, then move away?  There are times this could be handy.  Like if you killed a monster then want to move.  To get off a volcanic tile, narrow path, to not be adjecent to a monster/villian that does more damge to a player that's it's adjecent to then if it's further away.  To kill a monster then move next to an archer so it doesn't activate.  We found a lot of possible uses for the card by focusing on the wording Can Also meaning time of use doesn't matter vs THEN.
I'm far from an official arbiter, but I think you're right on both items.
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