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      I am currently running the FNM @ a local comic shop and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to Help fuel FNM.  Currently we have around 8 people showing up for events but wanted to get a few more.  Part of the complaints i hear are our booster draft prices are high, but am not sure how we can afford to run FNM for say 10 bucks like our local competitors. I had Originaly thaought they were just using some of the prize money to offset the costs, but have since discovered they were giving back 100% of the prize money like us.  We currently do 2-4$ for our events (depending on what is most easily divisable into pack amounts) plus the price of the boosters, so it ends up usualy around 15$. Our regulars don't complain because of the smaller player pool, most people at least end up getting one of the prize cards throughout the month. If you have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it, I'm currently sending people to other events to try to recruit or at least let people know about better chances of winning promocards @ our shop then most others.
   Thank you for any input 
Ok so haven't heard anything thats ok though did a little research and whatnot. Figured out we were selling packs at the highest in the area, and if we knock it down to 3.50 or 3 a pack, lower the entry level down a bit we should be able to do drafts @ 12 or MAYBE 10 if we get enough people and be still doing good.  Now it takes convincing to shop owner to do so >.> think i'm going to go for the 12 amount and if things pick up a bit more then suggest the 10 if we are killing it for drafts
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