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Here is just a deck idea I wanted to throw out there, counters, burn and small fish, EOT snappies on unsummons/other instants to control or ditch to the elemental. haven't check for spelling errors as in work but tell me what you think, I'm going to proxy and have a few friendly games on friday. I know the whole set isn't spoilt yet but maybe thats a good thing. It can get better.

Neon Fish?


16 Creatures  


4x Delver
4x Nivmagus
4x Faerie Imposter
4x Snapcaster Mage

 22 Other Spells

4x Izzet Charm
4x Brimstone Volley
3x Pillar of Flame
3x Syncopate
3x Geistflame 
3x Unsummon
2x Devil’s Play

 22 land

 4x Sulfur Falls
4x Steam Vents
7x Mountains
7x Island

The list looks pretty good.  I'm not sure about Geistflame, I think I'd rather max out on Pillars and get some Thought Scours in here.  1-2 Runechanter's Pikes seem good as well.  4 Brimstone Volley might be 1-2 too many too I think.  Is Faerie Imposter better than Stromkirk Noble?
I wanted to stop reading at Nivmagus. That card is just not that good, at all. There's rarely a situation where I want to counter my own spells. You also don't want to run 4 Faerie Imposter. The card has its uses (rebuying Snapcasters) but seeing too many leaves you with a bunch of 2/1's in your hand. I get they kinda synergize with the Nivmagus, but I'm not sure that is worth it.

I think you can do without Devil's Play (or replace them with Bonfire of the Damned) and I think you could also cut an Izzet Charm. Searing Spear is a solid card, and Mizzium Mortars is as well.

And to close, I think you could splash another color if you don't mind finding the lands to do it. 


Drop faerie, add Quirion Dryad (Not quite sure if it works if you exile with Nivmagus? If not, disreguard)

Geistflame is bad, use mortars

This is like.. the perfect place for Epic Experiment.



You can't exile a spell if you don't cast it, generally; it works.
Basically you cast your spell.  Dryad gets a counter.  You exile the spell for Nivmagus for the counters.  You get no spell but your creatures get the counters.

At least that is how I understand it.
Thought so, but I've never played dryad so I wasn't sure. since that's the case, you should deffinitely run dryad over faerie. 


Quirion Dryad will trigger whenever you cast a White, Blue, Black, or Red spell. The spell does not have to resolve in order for Quirion Dryad to get the +1/+1 counter.

From the discussion on Quirion Dryad page from Gatherer. Has a 5 star rating to this comment so got to believe that it is correct.
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