What feats apply to Alchemical Items?

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   I am trying to determine what alchemical items are with regard to what types of feats might apply to attacks using alchemical items.  The only clear-cut ones I've found are things like Burning Blizzard, that give a bonus to any power using a particular key word (in this case cold and fire) that the items explicitly possess.  
   I don't think that they are a class of weapon, except perhaps thrown, so I doubt weapon expertise would apply.  However, feats that allow for ranged basic attacks, such as Two Fisted Shooter, might apply if the weapon's current ammunition happens to be an alchemical item (in this case alchemical crossbow bolts).  This also opens up a grey area for any feat or power that grants some bonus when using crossbows, such as the long distance shooter feat, various magical crossbows that prevent opportunity attacks, distance weapons, changing Alchemical Fire to a burst of Cold using a simple +1 Frost Crossbow, powers like the Rogue's Blinding Barrage, etc.
   The least confusing but informative case I can think of is using Alchemist's Fire as an improvised ranged weapon.  Clearly you could use a standard action to lob it at an enemy and deal 1d4 damage, benefitting from 1/2 level + stat bonus and any feats applying to ranged attacks or improvised weapons because literally any item can be used in this fashion (Far Throw for example).  There is not a second standard action available to make the fire attack with the item, so I think a strict reading of the rules would require that the alchemist's fire does not go off and falls in that enemy's square.  An action point perhaps could then allow one to use a standard action to trigger the alchemist's fire (benefitting from things like burning blizzard, feats impose vulnerablility to fire, or feats that increase the size of a fire type blast) except that the item is no longer in the attacking player's control.  If x9 enemies were in a blast 3 Blinding Barrage and x9 flasks of Alchemist's Fire would allow this to be done x9 times, with none of the flasks igniting.  If the attack were instead performed using a hand crosbow and x9 alchemist's Fire Bolts the attack would do no damage as crossbow bolts, benefitting only from crossbow feats and enchantments pertaining to range, but at least one and potentially all 9 of the fire effects would go off using their own attack bonuses.  If it was a frost crossbow all damage done by the crossbow would be changed to cold.  Damage done by a crossbow is always done by its ammunition, so the Alchemist's Fire in doing its damage could be made to do cold damage; unless the fire keyword specifically attached to the ammunition trumps the cold keyword the crossbow applies even though the crossbow specifically possesses the ability to apply that keyword.  Would it be that the Alchemist's Fire now deals both fire and cold damage?
   I realize the scenerio is absurd, but does it fit mechanically with what feats and enchantments apply when and how regarding alchemical items?  Personally I think alchemical items function most closely to how traps work in 4e, being small deliverable trap devices themselves.  This avoids many problems, but opens a whole new can of worms by taking DM tools and placing them into PC hands.

Any thoughts?

You're in house ruling territory and so this might not be the best forum...

Anyway, when you use a ranged weapon to deliver an alchemical attack, you simply change the range of the attack. You're still using the attack power of the given alchemical item and the "ammunition" can't be used as part of an attack for another power.

So, if you make a critical hit with an alchemical item it would trigger your Two-Fisted Shooter feat, allowing you a ranged basic attack. That basic attack will NOT benefift from any form of alchemical ammunition, though. If you choose to actually use your alchemical item as ammuntion for the attack, it will simply be wasted.

You could use an alchemical item as an improvised weapon (ranged or otherwise, within the weight limits given for improvised weapons) but it will be no different from attacking with, say, a rock. If you throw it, you no longer have access to its normal attack power.

In essence, you don't attack with a ranged weapon using your alchemical "ammunition" as ammunition. You attack with your alchemical item, using your ranged weapon to determine range.

As for Blinding Barrage and Frost Crossbow; using 9 pieces of alchemist's fire ammuntion will have exactly the same effect as using regular ammunition. You will get no extra damage from the alchemist's fire, cold or otherwise. You COULD use the Frost Crossbow for an alchemist fire attack at range 30, but it will be fire damage. You're not dealing damage with the crossbow, nor hitting with it, and the attack still don't have the weapon keyword.

Note that there actually exist a special category of magic items that are indeed ammuntion, useable with ordinary weapon attacks. A firestorm arrow (or bolt) would function as how you want your alchemist's fire ammuntion to work.
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