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When one of my creature tokens die, is it removed from the game or do they go to the graveyard?  The reason I ask this is because of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord.  I have a way to sacrifice saprolings and figured that would just boost up Jarad.  Does that work?
they go to the graveyard and cease to exist the next time SBA are checked

if you check the wording on Jarad carefully you find that he only gets a bonus from creature cards in the graveyard
tokens are never cards
so even if they would stick around longer, they would not boost Jarad under any circumstances
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Not in the way you'd like.  Tokens will hit the graveyard just like anything else, but they will cease to exist once state-based actions are checked.  Jarad will not benifit from a token hitting the graveyard because it'd disappear almost immediately, but abilities that trigger when a creature hits the graveyard will trigger when a token dies, even though it doesn't stay there.

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In case you're wondering,
State-Based-Actions (SBA) are a set of rules (rules 704.x) acting somewhat like «game janitors»;
for example, rule 704.5a says «If a player has 0 or less life, he or she loses the game.»

In the situation you exposed: 
«110.5e A token is subject to anything that affects permanents in general or that affects the token’s card type or subtype...»

So, yes, a creature-token WILL be sent to the Graveyard when it dies, like any other creature.
But it won't remain there for long:
«704.5d If a token is phased out, or is in a zone other than the battlefield, it ceases to exist.»

Tax evasion is nothing but legitimate self-defense against the theft that is tax collection.

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