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Hello!  I'm new to MTG. Starting playing a couple weeks ago. Love the game. I still got lot's to learn though. Anyways to my questions...

I have a card I like to play called Nightmare Void.  My opponent (my friend who is teaching me the game) seems to be telling me rules that just don't feel right.  Because I'm new, when I play Nightmare Void, I want to make the right choice on picking which card I want him to discard. Only he gets mad saying that I'm "studying" his hand even though Nightmare Void makes him reveal it.  Is he allowed to tell me to take a glance and pick a card? Or do I have the right to read through them so I can choose more wisely? He also tries to hide cards on another and fans out the rest, what do I do if I catch him cheating like that?

He also says I'm not allowed to view his graveyard, slapping my hand once because I reached for it. Is that true?

I may have more question later.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

You can read each card in his hand. You should ask him to see his graveyard, but yes, of course your allowed to look at it.

What should you do if you catch him cheating? I dunno, sock him in the kisser. Or kick his balls.

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Nightmare Void

his hand stays revealed until the spell has finished resolving, which means at the very least until he has discarded a card
trying to hide cards while revealing the hand is cheating and in a tournament setting would be a game loss at the very least

you can look at his graveyard
he may object to you picking up his cards, but you are allowed to see them

try and find another player to play, I wouldn't want to play with someone like him
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When you reveal cards all of it is shown, even to other players (if any) so for that time frame, you may gloss over his hand like it was your own, so yes, you may take some time to do so to decide to pick a discard target.

HAAAAA, can't view his GY? 1stly, that'd be like saying you can't look at the battlefield, it's public information, it helps to ask, but if GYs weren't viewable, how broken would The Mimeoplasm and GY-based cards be?
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Thanks for the fast replies!  I guess he likes to bend rules in his favor for the win.

Your right, Enigma256, I need to find new players.
You have a right to look at any cards in any graveyard at any time, just like you have a right to look at any card that's on the battlefield at any time, be it your card or someone else's.  Sure, you might want to ask permission first, that's just polite, but no one should deny you that right.  Sounds like your buddy's not teaching you very well.  I'd find someone else to teach you; don't give up trying to learn.

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Definitely the ball kick, for cheating WHILE teaching...

You are allowed to take any amount of time to study his cards, think about them, then make your choice. Just because he or she can look at the top right corner of the picture of one of the 12,000 + Magic cards and tell exactly how it interacts with the other 12,000 + Magic cards doesn't mean you should have to.

Personally, if I were teaching... I would explain exactly how each card was supposed to interact with my deck, including which cards were part of a bomb combo.

I would like to mention, that sometimes, you will make a play and your teacher will seem to come up with a rule from thin air... Mainly because knowing every interaction between 12,000 cards, when there arte 3-card, and 4-card combos is nigh impossible.

Always feel free to look up rules, or ask, here on the messageboards.

If he says "House Rule" and he IS allowed to do that, write it down, for future reference. If his house rules get too insane, ask to play at a different house. 
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"Study" one's hand in cases where it's revealed is not only allowed but also the better play.

Don't take 5 minutes though, in tournaments that could pass as stalling.

But as you don't know the cards, you're of course allowed to study what they do.

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The Basic rulebook, read it! A lot of basic questions are answered there!

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Your "friend" sounds like a real unfun person to play cards with.  Try finding a good group of friendly people to play with.  (It's harder to do that it sounds.)
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Is he allowed to tell me to take a glance and pick a card? Or do I have the right to read through them so I can choose more wisely?

As many people have mentioned, he must reveal his hand for as long as it takes you to make a decision.  In a casual setting you should really have at least enough time to read every card he has and then think about your decision.  In a tournament you might need to be a bit quicker

He also tries to hide cards on another and fans out the rest, what do I do if I catch him cheating like that?

If he does not want you touching his cards (a bit wierd unless you have proven you can't be trusted) the best thing is for him to lay them out in front of you on the table.  It should be quite easy to see him try to hide cards this way.  If he continues to try and cheat like this I wouldn't want to play with him.

He also says I'm not allowed to view his graveyard, slapping my hand once because I reached for it. Is that true?

Again, it's been mentioned before, but the contents of graveyards are free information.  You have a right to know exactly what's in his graveyard at any time and if he doesn't want you touching his cards he must show you himself what is there.  The same goes for the number of cards left in his library or the number of cards in his hand.

If you are unfamiliar with a card you see in his hand, I've found that the best thing to do is this:

1) Briefly read the text. This is important so that you can put his response in step 2 into context later.
2) Ask your opponent what the card does. Usually, he's just impatient since he has nothing to do while you figure out your play. So he'll be more than happy to explain how each card in his hand works in his deck.
3) Once you get an explanation, skim over the card one more time. You might have missed something.

In a tournament setting, make it a habit to get to know what each card in the metagame does and how it's generally used. That way, you can get enough info by just reading the names.

As you get more familiar with Magic, always remember that it is an interactive game. If a player isn't participating in some way, don't blame the cards! Try to think of a way to involve other players.
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Agreed. It sounds like your group could use a new teacher. Don't let your friends play wrong!
Here's an example of a rule you might stumble upon:

404.2. Each graveyard is kept in a single face-up pile. A player can examine the cards in any graveyard at any time but normally can’t change their order...