Effects of surge spending powers while surgeless; Silvered implements.

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1: Can you silver an implement, are they supposed to be considered silvered, and if you can silver them do spells cast through them count as silvered for targets affected by silver?

2: If you have no healing surges left and use a power that lets you spend a healing surge with effects how is it treated?  Example;

Healing word with some items and feats breaks down to:

Surge (currently 0) +
Healer's Lore (6) triggers on a divine healing power that lets you spend a healing surge +
Pacifist (2d6+6)  triggers on a divine healing power that lets you spend a healing surge +
Healer's Chainmail H1 version (1) triggers on a healing power that lets you spend a healing surge + Healer's Weapon H3 (2) triggers when a power heals someone +
Healer's Brooch H3 (2) triggers when a power heals someone +
Healer's Gloves (1d6) triggers on every healing power but can only hit one target of that power (heard it can hit non-target players, the text is slightly vague) +
Healer's Implement P1 (3) adds implement bonus to powers that grant healing surges.

This comes to a surge +21+3d6+3d8 (Miracle Worker) when there is a healing surge to spend.

The discussion came up when surges ran out.  Do the conditional modifiers still go off since the power allows the spending of a healing surge (Full value but surge counts as 0)?  Are they negated because a surge can't be spent, but the modifiers that don't require surges still work (7+1d6)?  Does the power not work at all because there is no surge?  Is the power discharged with no effect?  Is the action used but not the power?  Do all the modifiers go off, but surge value in damage is taken by the target?  Their are several ways to interpret the rule and neither of us are sure which is right.
If you can't spend a surge because you don't have any, you get nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No healing at all.

If you are at zero surges and unconscious (below zero hp) and you get healed you are restored to 1 hp and that is all you get. If you use the power, it is used, whether it has an effect or not.
1) No only weapons, arrows, bolts or bullets can be silvered.

2) If you have no Healing Surge to spend to gain hit points, additional or extra hit points are lost.
  Some weapliments might be silvered, but that only applies to weapon attacks made by them.

  There are a few specific implement or other item properties that cause implement powers to function as if they were delivered by a silvered weapon though.
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