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Hello! Not sure if this belongs here (due to it being homebrew) or in character optimizations (since I'm asking how to better play it) but here we go!

Starting a campaign next week and the DM might let me play a Homebrew class, after looking I found/fell in love with this

The humble Blue-Mage! Master of replacing his own powers with learned monster abilities

Was hopeing someone could look over it and give me and tips on feats and other ideas you would have for it.

Currently I am looking at the Scholar Theme and the Monster Hunter Background so that I could get potential +6 to knowledge checks to ID monsters (Key to learning their abilities (the BM gives a passive +2)
More then likely playing it as a Changling (Mostly for RP reasons) 

Anywhom I would appricate any input Ideas or concerns anyone could come up with.
Thanks for your time/effort!  


wouldn't.  This class is, objectively, bad.  It has implement attacks, but no implements.  It gains monster abilities, which more often than not pale in comparison to powers that other PCs would be getting.  You are, quite simply, better off playing something else (preferably one that's been published by WotC) and refluffing to your desired character.
A bit confused, it says you may use Staff/Robs/Wands as impliments 

As far as powers go, if the DM drops a higher lvl Solo monster on the field wouldn't those attacks be better then your current lvl powers (I'm assuming if you played this class you would only copy high lvl monster attacks)

I'v looked at alot of the offical classes (Even built/played a few) but I just always liked the theme (movies/games/books) of the people who copy/absorbe/assimulate other peoples powers/bodies; and sadly there is no offical class that has anything remotely close to that theme.

Thanks for your opinion/time though 


Ahh that dusty old thing? I haven't seen it in years. That was written like 4 months after 4e came out. Good times.

It acutally does have the wizard implements, look at the second page.

In all honesty it's not going to be super optimal, and the rules are kind of confusingly written. But if you want to do it, who am I to say no?

In related news, one of my friends made something he liked to call his identity theft build. The entire point of it was to be a changeling and literally take someone's identity from them. Hilarious.

Thanks for the reply! 
And ya I know that optimization isn't really going to be an option, but I'm much more into the RP then just killing monsters.
Any suggestions on feats or weapons to take?

btw Like the ID thief idea sounds like that would be fun to play.  


The class doesnt actually seem too bad, odd wording in places and lack of much feat support aside.

My suggestion though, would to be to just take the wizard, and replace a feature or two with the spell borrowing.  
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