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I built a swordmage/warlord hybrid that will be hitting level 12 as the next level in LFR games. The utilty power Fury of Arvandor allows me to teleport as a free action after hitting a target with an attack. I will likely be grabbing the feat "feywild flanker" soon to grant CA from an enemy I teleport next to. Warlords have multiple power that mass atatcks for myself and allies. I am worried about a potential rules argument.

As an example. When I hit with Hail of steel, can I pre-emptivly teleport next to the target of the attack before my allies get their free action attacks (in order to provide them with CA) or does that teleport need to occur after all the granted free action attacks are taken. Would it be different for a daily such as "War Masters Assaut" which basically states self and everyone within 5 squares can charge or make a basic attack against the target as a free action (the is all contained in the effect line with a prior attack requirment) ?
Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where the rules should have been more explicit. Triggered free actions should say whether they are interrupts or reactions, and they don't.

The rule that was eventually formed - and you'll love this - is:

A triggered free action is a reaction. UNLESS, when used as a reaction, it would never actually do anything (e.g. give you a reroll on the attack *after* the attack is fully resolved) - then it's an interrupt. 

Now isn't that a model of clarity.

In this case, there is no problem with you teleporting after your attack fully resolves. So it's a reaction. If an effect of a hit or a miss is that a bunch of your allies get to charge your target, their charge is part of resolving your attack so you wouldn't teleport until afterward. (If the power has an Effect section, I'm not sure how it resolves.)

However, if your power gives you two (or more) attacks, each one resolves separately and can be reacted to separately, so you can teleport after the first one and before the second one.

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If multiple things trigger at the same time, the DM sorts out the order.  Generally, the guidance offered to the DM is a mix of "don't screw the players" and "the actor gets to pick."  So, if two of your abilities trigger at the same time, then you get to decide the order in which to use them.  If it's you and a monster both having something triggered at the same time (e.g. a Fey hexblade Soul Step and a monster's death burst), then it's in the DM's hands to sort things out.
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