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I have been playing this deck with friends for a while and I love it. I recently started playing standard on Friday night and would like to take this deck. I know several of the cards are not legal (Wall of Blossom, Harrow, Lead the Stampede, Steam of life and Hickory Woodlot) and need help replacing them with legal ones.

The deck needs to get mana out fast. Which is not a problem with birds, llanowar, harrow and Hickory wood lot. Also getting the big boys out is easy with Mwonvuli Beast Tracker. There is not much protection from instants and artifacts.

What would be a good color to splash in? How can i replace harrow and hickory woodlot?


2Llanowar Elves
2Birds of Paradise
2Wall of Blossoms
4Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
1Tree of Redemption
2Acidic Slime
2Soul of the Harvest
2Moldgraf Monstrosity
2Elderscale Wurm


1Lead the Stampede
2Caravan Vigil
1Stream of Life
2Garruk, Primal Hunter


1Inkmoth Nexus
4Hickory Woodlot
Rampant Growth can replace Harrow.  Badly.  But it's probably your only option in standard.  You can up Llanowar Elves to 4 and maybe think about Arbor Elf and then Elvish Archdruid for mana ramping.  Wall of Blossoms can be Elvish Visionary if you use them for card draw.  Bunch of these solutions are going to be rotated out in a couple of weeks though.

EDIT:  Wait... I forgot about Ranger's Path and I guess Primeval Titan as well but if you get a Titan out, it's probably going to be gg pretty soon anyway.
ill try these. thanks.
Lead the Stampede is still standard legal until Return to Ravnica. You could replace Harrow with Ranger's Path, but Hickory Woodlot has no card close enough to replace it. I suggest Rancor for more power and Trample. Also replace Wall of Blossoms with Elvish Visionary and add some Roaring Primadox for tons of fun with Thragtusk and other enters the battlefield triggers.
Hell yes, roaring primadox is going in the deck, works great with thragtusk. Thanks.
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