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Devil pawn gives you a lvl 1 power "Hellfire and Brimestone" Its a 2close burst of fire for 5 damge but you have no attack roll. and its a minor action. 
Is this actually an attack?
Will i be able to use this with Monk Flurry of blows and/or swordmage PP  Malec-Keth Janissary for the +1d4 thunder damage?
1: Yes, because that's what the power card say, and because it does damage.  What it is not, is an attack roll, so it does not hit or miss.

2: I believe M-K J relies on hitting, so no, but I could well be wrong.
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Flurry of Blows relies upon hitting, so it cannot trigger off of Devil's Pawn.

Malec Keth Janissary's Primordial Blade feature adds 1d4 damage to all of your attacks, no hit roll needed.
From the WotC FAQ, if desired:
"What happens if I use magic missile while benefiting from a power like greater invisibility? Does it count as an attack and would my invisibility end? Yes, it does, and yes, it would. The initial use of any attack power that has a target line, an attack line, or both counts as making an attack. Because of this fact, using an attack power like the fighter's rain of steel does not count as making an attack, since the power has neither a target line nor an attack line."

Hellfire and Brimestone is an attack power, but does not have a target line nor an attack line. By WotC's definition, it (like rain of steel) does not count as making an attack.