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Hello, I wondered lately what Kalak looked alike, and I saw the 2nd edition picture and I was disappointed. (Saw the 4th ''picture'' too)

I want to show my players a nice looking picture of what could be like Kalak, because like we say in french : Une image vaut mille mots  (One picture is like one thousand words).

So if you want anything that could fit the description of Kalak, post it there !!! 
The Siltskimmer Page -
Here is goes!

Okay, I saw that one, got suggestions ?

Use Andropinis's picture in the Creature Catalogue. It is the closest to how Kalak might have looked. If you are good with drawing maybe trace the picture and place a cloak over his face and a crown on top.

That is all I can think of, there aren't any really good pictures of Kalak. 
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I made this one, but I didn't think this is what you're looking for...


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I know Kalak is old and all, but I always like this picture by Brom as a nice substitution. 

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