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Hello all.

Since DS4e makes no reference to them at all, I'm wondering 1) how many of you know who the Rhulisti and the Rhul-Thaun are. 

2) How these people feature in your home campaigns: do they have a place in them somehow, or do you disregard them?

3) And whether you actually met/played one of them ingame?

Very curious

Lurking Shadow      
1- I know about them, you can know about them in the 2nd books : Dark Sun campaign setting (revised), Wind riders of the jagged cliffs, City by the silt sea... and psionic artefacts of Athas. (Blame me if I forgot one)

2-I like these little funny life-bending bastards. The Rhul-Thaun are the remnants of a perfect society and the Rhulisti are the progenitor race of almost each races in Athas (The Giths and the Kreens got other origins).

3-In my 4th campaign, one of my character is a reawakened Rhulisti of the Blue Age. In fact, he's a custom-race with optimized stats to be a Life-Shaper (Artificer in my campaign) and when he creates magic items, they are ''grafts'' and I authorized him to get a Armbow warforged component to get a life-shaping creature to shape his arm into a crossbow. Yeah, he's strong.

Hope it helped ;) 
Hi, Marendithas. Thanks for answering.

Hey, you got me curious.
How's your campaign going? Are the other characters regular Athasians? What do they think of this Rhulisti? And what does he think of modern Athas?

Lurking Shadow    
My pleasure to answer you.

Okay, i'll try to explain it. 

My campaign is going well. It's been 50 years since Kalak died (and the events of the prism pentad series took place too + the imprisonnement of Dregoth at the end of my last campaign).

Without the majority of the Sorcerer's Kings and the Dragon to ''help'' it, Athas is slowly but steadily going to be ripped apart by many forces :

1-Abyssal Plague Demons (if you don't know what it is, check on the WotC website or check some articles and Monster Vault : Threats to the Nentir Vale)
2- Primordials forces : many Broken Builders cult are going crazy to help their patrons to destroy Athas : Ul-Athra the dust kraken, Herumar the 7-headed sand hydra, Ogrémoch, and probably even the Cerulean Storm) 
3- Undead from the Dead Lands from far, far South
4-Crazy awakened Rhulisti who became Nature-Benders (corrupt nature-masters who experiment with life in immoral ways) will try to create a new race of monsters to enslave all Athas under their heels.

My other characters are regular Athasians
1- Kadhim Zhul - Tyrian Half-elf noble primordial pact warlock
2- Kalia, Tyrian Half-giant battlemind
3- Snorri Whitebeard, Revenant Dwarf, dead for 3000 years, he don't know why he came back. Avenger of Fire

They think he's freaking weird, with his constructs and his other stuff. At first, he seemed to say nonsense but he told the truth about his powers and how he got them. That halfling thinks that Athas is broken, and so much deadlier than when he was with all his Rhulisti friends. He stays with the team to kill Nature's ennemies and to learn what happened to his brothers and sisters who probably awakened like him.

Hope it helps

ok my take on them is  yes i use them in my current campaign which takes place a few years at most before the death of kalak because the players will be more directly involveld and the pp  will eventually unfold over time. i  will introduce the nature benders using the comets ( the messenger) disappearance its there prison or was and its disappearance will be it crashing in a somewhat controlled manner by the nature benders. and i can agree with marendithas you can find information plenty about them is the sources he mentioned.  i can not give much more insight regarding 4th e. because there is so much i do not use or even allow and all my players know this way before they ask to join. i can not wait till next is finished. i have 12 players chomping at the bit but the largest i can run is 6 maybe 7 no matter how long i have been a DM some left when i said no there are no warlocks no tieflings ect .. and that's fine i said there are plenty of DM's out there that use that in dark sun  
I refluff them a bit as Pyreen and they serve as the progenitor race of all the others minus some. They use 'Blue Magic' which contrasts somewhat to 'Green Magic' (preserving/primal), 'Red/Dark Magic' (defiling) and psionics. Also divine magic is considered elemental magic, which I'm not sure to call. I use ff6shadow's homebrew Blue Mage with a changeling to create a player character I call Gogo, who acts as the secret head of all the Veiled Alliances, fights with fans and performs life-shaping rituals sometimes. 
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