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I've just recently started getting back into magic after 6+ years.  Aside from starting a new collection, I'm looking at the decks I had back then and really want to tune them with newer, more effective cards.  That being said this is my Blue/Black Discard:

I've tried adding a few cards I've pulled but I need to know what you would replace the older (or newer) cards with to speed it up and/or make it more aggressive.

Phyrexian Metamorph over Clone. It copies The Rack and is cheaper to cast.

You can probably find something much better to play than Avatar of Will. Its only good once your plan is in action, and even then it is just a beefy flier. Maybe you could play something like Sphinx of Jwar Isle, its hexproof provides inevitability. But there are cheaper options too, which might be better since you only run 20 lands.

I'd play either Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize over Duress.

I don't think this deck really wants Megrim. Megrim is more fitting of a burn deck that wants to make their opponent discard. This is more "Trash my opponent's hand, ask questions later!"

Two or three Wrath effects would be nice against aggro, since they will dump their hand fast. I'd recommend substituting at least the Vapor Snags for something like Infest or Damnation.

I do like Phyrexian Metamorph and have one from an event deck I bought when I first started buying again. I'll be sure to get more.  Sphinx of Jwar Isle is great recommendation.  Not that my love the Sphinx creature type has anything to do with that.

I'll probably go with Inquisition of Kozilek. For financial purposes.  It's so odd to me that there's finally cards better than Duress

Megrim is a soft spot card, I just like seeing Hypnotic Specter whip out four damage on occasion. What do you think would facilitate the functionality of the deck without Megrim's damage?  I could just add in 2 more Dark Rituals or Drowned Catacombs.  How is my mana ratio by the by?

Damnation would be nice for board clearing after demolishing their hand and having The Rack kill them while they scramble for creatures.

I appreciate the input, got me thinking/intrigued again.
If anything replace Megrim with Liliana's Caress if you don't want to see it go.  I also don't see why U/B discard never has Hermetic Study.  This will let you make your opponent ONLY be able to cast instants when their hand is empty since you can just ping them with specters right after they've drawn a card.

I would personally drop Stupor for Mind Twist.
Liliana's Caress just solved all the problems I had with Megrim. On turn 3 I usually have trouble deciding to play a hippie or a Megrim.  With Caress on turn 2, that leaves turn 3 open for a faster beat down.

I've always shied away from Mind Twist for some reason, but I can see how at Stupor's mana cost it is better.
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