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Using the builder on a lvl 1 monk i added elemental iniate as a theme which gives you the Ki-focus feat. So in the builder i bought a lvl 0 accurate ki focus which should give my monk powers a +1 to hit correct?
Normally i have a +5 to hit with all powers and with the focus i should have +6 right?
elemental initiate gives you ki focus proficiency. you still have to take a feat to be able to use accurate implements. you can also take the ki focus expertise feat as well, and get another +1 to hit.
Note, though, that a: Monks already HAVE Ki Focus proficiency, so they don't gain it again from Elemental Initiate.  b: Accurate (and all Superior Implement properties) only works for attacks with the Implement keyword.  If you use your Ki Focus for weapon attacks, Accurate does nothing.  And yeah, just using an Accurate Ki Focus does nothing unless you take the Superior Implement Proficiency feat.
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