mono black vampire bloodthirst deck

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instead of Taste of Blood, run a creature to trigger bloodthirst such as Nightshade Stinger or Tormented Soul.
Land 20
16x swamp
2x   bojuka bog
2x   barren moor

Creatures 22
3x Bloodlord of Vaasgoth
4x Bloodrage Vampire
3x Vampire Outcasts
4x duskhunter bat
4x captivating vampire
4x vampire lacerator

Other Spells 18
4x Taste of Blood
1x Doom Blade
1x Go for the Throat
2x duress
2x urge to feed
4x viridian longbow
4x feast of flesh

Please give me feedback and suggestion on what to add in the deck and what to take out in the deck.

I'd say, personally, find a spot for some Vampire Nighthawks. Perhaps as a replacement for the bats?

Blade of the Bloodchief is fun, too. You might want some Dark Ritual, to help speed you up, and a few Feast of Blood may be in order.

Beyond that, decent setup, here. A nice, solid, bloodthirst deck, well done.
Needs more Gatekeeper of Malakir. It is too good of a card not to run.
I made the final changes to the deck and took everyones input who told me to add certain cards and take out certain cards. The only card I am not using is dark ritual because I am on a budget so here it is the final copy.
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