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I know there have been a few threads concerning tiles.  But, I have a specific question:

Is there an online builder that has the tiles available for download?  I mean, they've made 20-30 sets of these things.  Each set has 50-100 pieces.  Are they online (to buy), where you can simply put them together on a grid, then print the grid.  IMO, they look better than using NWN tiles, and in thened, it would allow for more customization without having to try and figure out CAD systems, like CC3.
I don't know about a system that has them all on. But master plan let's you import any images and create maps with them. So u can scan your tiles in and create map on it
you could check out pymapper, it seems to be what you are looking for
Ok I went and got pymapper and it looks like it will be great even though I do not have access to a large color printer. I can at least use the tool to design the encounters every week instead of sprading 100's of tiles all over the table like a puzzle then inventing a map.

But where can I find the tileset images? Is anyone able to give me a link to the place I can get them?

Whilst we are on the topic of Tiles...

I use tiles alot in D&D and even impose them on other dungeon crawl games. I love the dam things and I have a suitcase of them but still want more. Most folks I talk too do not like them NOT because of graphic issue but because they are tired of players knocking them around or moving the pieces and crapping up the map.

I solved this issue by useing sheets of Lexan found at any hardware store. These things are great and make the table "UI" so much better. Just place it on top of your tiles or map and it keeps everything in place, it helps blend the looks, nice and flat so you can add things to it, you can dry erase all over it for field of effects or what ever, and it's kinda cheap.

I keep several sizes in the back of car, normal map size, big map size, then a few of my "common" encounter sizes.

Really I can not stress it enough just how much better these sheets of hard plastic make the game. Either for maps or Tiles if you use them alot and dont want them ruined then get the plastic.
not all the tile maps are free.  Someone correct me if im wrong but you either need to buy them or sub to D&D I to get access to the ones they publish online.
I am a subscriber, and it seems they have one at the site already!


Lots more clicking involved and I think I may like Pymapper better since it looks like it gives you lots of tiles to chose from at a time

try joining this yahoo group:


The tiles from that group were taken down long ago. As far as I know, there's nowhere online that scans of the tiles are still readily available.
Thanks for the links.  I've played around with the Wizards one, but pymapper is new to me.  Seems great.  Thanks again.
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