What do you need on your DM Screen?

Last night I had a few times where I could really have used a cheat sheet for all the info I had to remember. It got me thinking about what I could definitely use on my DM screen. I will be writing up a short cheat sheet for my future DDN games, just so I'm not flipping through so many pages.

Attacks of Opportunity Rules
I had to remember how they worked on multiple occasions, because the Wizard decided to get in between two kobolds. I remember reading a rule that you could move around an enemy without provoking opportunity attacks as long as they stay within melee range. At the time though I couldn't remember how it worked so I stuck to how 4e did it.

Movement Types
This was pretty easy to understand until it came to moving out of close combat. In 4e, there was the shift movement, but if I recalled correctly there is a new version in DDN

XP Budgets
Its been in every DM screen I have ever seen so I don't think I have to worry about not having this. In my game it was hard to judge what the characters were strong enough to face, so I just low balled the numbers.

What races are immune to what?
This is a weird one, one of my NPC's was using a charm spell to keep people from bothering her. Well, I didn't realize that 2 of my players are elves and immune to charm effects. My bad.
Anything else you guys think could be useful for a DM Screen in DDN?
Ant Farm
1. DC's for typical actions or skills like breaking down doors, climb a rope, etc.
2. Condition Modifiers
3. Base Damage by Level
4. Wouldn't mind seeing a brief list of common Advantage / Disadvantage modifiers for Next. 
Benchmarks for each attribute (stuff like, "X Dexterity - Olympic Gymnast," "Y Strength - Hill Giant" etc.)
Weapon damage chart
Armor chart
Hit Dice, Spell DC, Spell Attack, and Weapon Attack progressions for each class

Ok, rather than just listing every odd thing I want specifically out, I'll just say that I want everything I might need to run a character on the fly.  I'll probably remember most of this stuff, but it might be nice to know at a glance what a given NPC's attributes might be, what his bonuses/DCs are, and how much damage his weapon deals.
Interchangeable tables.

Clear sleaves that can hold cards that the DM finds most pertinent to their campaign.

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a spot to place sticky notes with some details on the player characters.

AC, ability scores and what skills they are trained in. 
a spot to place sticky notes with some details on the player characters.

AC, ability scores and what skills they are trained in. 

I always print out a sheet with the pertinent things I need from the characters (AC, HP, Defences, Ability Scores, Skills, etc).
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Here are some that others have mentioned.  I would like these:

DC's for typical actions or skills like breaking down doors, climb a rope, etc.
Weapon chart
Armor chart
Common attack/defense modifiers - Possible times to grant advantage/disadvantage
I also want 8-12 examples of "improvised" actions with ability check or contest options.

I also like an easy to read chart with level 1-20 average monster stats.  This really helps if I have to "wing it".    

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A screen with sleeves for 3x5 cards would be ideal.  Under the sleeves could be the default rules.

I could actually use two screens.  One for adventure running and one for adventure designing.  The adventure designing screen would have rules for encounter building, creature creation, NPC creation, treasure generations, and setting DCs.  The one for adventure running would also have the rules for setting DCs, and all the fiddly rules I need in the moment (AoO, grabbing, etc.)

  • Sample treasure guidelines for each level. As basic as "Level 1- 100gp per fight" or something. 

  • Common DCs for actions. "Climb a rope ladder is 10" for example. Give like 15 ranging from the lowest end to highest.

  • XP budgets for encounters at each level. "A level 5 fight should be worth 100XP"

  • A chart for anything as complicated as 3.5 turn undead. 

  • Maybe if there is space, a chart for random non-magic loot of various values. Golden thrones, barrel of apples, gemstones, and everything inbetween. 

I like mine pretty barebones, so I'd go with a 3 panel fold out over the 4 panel one. Mostly because I don't want it obscuring my view of the table, or my players view of my notes and rolls (herasy I know).

The side facing the PCs should probably have sweet art. I could see a case for it being a "PC Screen" with some formulas on it though. Maybe in bigger print and spaced nicely so you can read it from 3 or so feet away.

I also love the idea of 3X5 sleeves for index cards, with rules behind it, so you can put your own "important to reference" stuff in. I'd seriously slip monster stats in there for each session.  

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How about a touch screen?

Or maybe just make the whole screen some kind of tablet?  That would be awesome.

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a spot to place sticky notes with some details on the player characters.

AC, ability scores and what skills they are trained in. 

We put these on "initiative cards" that the players fill out and give to the DM as quick references for the characters. During combat, the DM sorts them in initiative order, and just goes through them one by one. He can also make session-specific notes on the back as needed, since we award xp for neat actions or ideas, too.

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I want one sleeve that shows through to the other side of the screen for the players to see. I can make basic notes for them that they need to remember, add a little hint sheet or if theres no specific rule help they need, just put in a pre printed picture to help set the scene. 

The DM screen is for the DM to use to inspire the players too

Why waste an entire side with one static picture.