A Hairless Thoctar card: Slave Master

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Yes, the name sucks.

Slave Trader

Creature-Ogre Rogue
,: Put a brand counter on target creature.
,: Gain control of target creature with a brand counter on it.

-Thought of while thinking about the card Brand and thinking about the flavor of it.
-Briefly had haste. Thought it might make the card clunky, but it probably makes it more playable since you only have to wait one turn for payoff instead of two. What say you?
Edit: Should be and to steal, not .
Cool Card!

name could be "Enslaver" as that seems to be what it does ^^ 
How to Autocard
card: [c]cardname[/c]-> [c]Vampire Nighthawk[/c] -> Vampire Nighthawk
Hello there, Bounty Hunter that steals creatures instead of destroying them!