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Now that Titans and Elesh Norn are rotating, does Bruna, Light of Alabaster seem like a legitimate reanimation target? Her ability really intrigues me. As of right now, the best Auras seem to be Infinite Reflection, Dual Casting, and Unhallowed Pact. Is that enough to make her viable in a Solar Flare build? If not, who takes Elesh Norn's spot in those decks?

And also, where might Bruna see play outside of Reanimator/Solar Flare builds?

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Doubt she'll see much play.  Auras are still generally weak  (Rancor excluded), and she's easily the weakest of the 3 legendary angels.

Speaking of legendary, that gets rid of the Infinite Reflection plan, unless of course you want to wipe your side of the board..

For Dual Casting, what are you really wanting to copy that makes it worth playing that card?  Not only will you need to splash a 3rd color, but you also need to not attack with your 5/5 flier.  And pact is just outright unplayable in standard.

Griselbrand is obviously a better reanimation target, as is Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, especially in an even more creature-heavy environment that I'm sure we'll be seeing.
You're seriously better off running Archangel, because at least you can have more than one out at a time.
i don't think reanimate will be a good game plan.  if you're looking at unburial rites, something i've mentioned before is just to run like 1 or 2 of it in some sort of junk deck with lots of value creatures, running rites purely for its value.  that's where the card seems at its best, when it can be used to gain more CA from the dudes that have already gained you CA.

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What on earth?

Are you sure you didn't mean Gisela, Blade of Goldnight?

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Bruna's certainly playable because she takes the card loss out of and reduces the commitment factor of auras, so I could justify making a deck for Bruna, but I think the reanimation path is far too convoluted for a 6 mana creature.
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Bruna is unplayable. /thread

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Bruna is unplayable outside of EDH. /thread



Rorix is unplayable outside of EDH. /thread



You missed a spot

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Rorix is unplayable outside of EDH. /thread



You missed a spot

Nah man, Roix is good in cube. At least, he was until Thundermaw Hellkite.


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