What options against Living End?

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Running a G/U/w deck, wondering what my options are for hate against living end.  Teferi is slow but Im pretty sure he stops cascade altogether, counterspells work to an extent, Nihil spellbomb is decent, what other options do I have?
You've got Relic of Progenitus and counterspells.  Just make sure to hit the actual Living End, not the cascade spell.
My Modern Mono-White Control deck laughs at Living End. The first time, I had never seen the card, but now I know what to look for: lots of cycling creatures coming quickly, Street Wraith being the most common. Now I wait, Day of Judgement or Wrath of God, and follow up with my favopurite graveyard exiler: Bojuka Bog.
Does Gaddok Teeg stop Living End from resolving?
No.  It has no mana cost, so there is no interaction with Gaddock Teeg.
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