Forging the Forgotten Realms - Mirt Strides out of the Mists

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Forging the Forgotten Realms 
Mirt Strides out of the Mists
By Ed Greenwood

How and where and when did the Forgotten Realms start? What’s at the heart of Ed Greenwood’s creation, and how does the Grand Master of the Realms use his own world when he runs D&D adventures for the players in his campaign? “Forging the Forgotten Realms” is a new weekly feature wherein Ed answers all those questions and more. 

Talk about this column here.

Good on you sir! Thanks for posting the link!
You're welcome good sir!

Finally, the new column from Ed that James Wyatt mentioned would be launching shortly after Gen Con. 

Starts out very interesting! I didn't know FR all started  with Mirt. I would have thought Elminster. 
Ed wanted to write stories about Mirt and others. TSR wanted Elminster. The rest as they say is history... 

Mirt is one of my all time favorites.




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