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I played a friend who had a sacrifce deck and it did pretty well, so I thought I would try and put one together. This is my first endevour with a sacrifice creature offense, and I'm not sure what cards are the best. This is what i've pieced together. Please help with suggestions and criticism. 


4xRuthless Ripper
4xMortician Beetle 
4xSkirsdag High Priest
4xGatekeeper of Malakir

4xVampire Nighthawk 
4xDross Golem  

4xDark Ritual

4xDiabolic Edict
4xGeth's Verdict
4xGrave Pact

4xDeath Cultist
4xTribute to Hunger


I think you can drop the Go For the Throat and/or Tragic Slip; you have a LOT of force sacrificing already.  I also think the sideboard should be something that helps you deal with other decks, not just a continuation of things that would go well in the maindeck.
got any card suggestions?

I was considering putting in [C]Wall of Souls[/C] for defense/offense capabilites, but I usually stay away from walls. 
Anything with deathtouch might be helpful if your not able to target something you want gone. Also Dark Ritual is kinda pointless in this deck because you only need 3 lands to play anything in here.
>reminder to self< Best not to argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience
Any thoughts on whether [C]Typhoid Rats[/C] would be better than [C]Wall of Souls[/C]?
I think Typhoid Rats is better than Wall of Souls.
essentially you're comparing a creature removal effect to a life loss effect. That's the way I see it.
Just a minor suggestion but if your play group runs a lot of protection then Everlasting Torment may be a card you could sideboard in. You still can't target their creatures but if they block your guys they still can't prevent the damage and if you have deathtouch guys. Bye bye annoyance.
>reminder to self< Best not to argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience
My friend played this deck a billion years ago, sounds like its something right up your alley. I've modified it to include updated cards.

This was the rudest thing I have ever played against. Your opponent shouldn't be able to maintain a board presence, ever.
any downside to adding in [C]Mortivore[/C] or [C]Avatar of Woe[/C]?
If you have the money Mutilate. This is mono-:B: control after all. Following that with a Mortivore or even preceeding it with a Bonehoard is always fun. Also along that axis is Black Cat and Typhoyd Rats, who both discourage attacks until you get what you need and trade one-for-one card advantage. Vampire Nighthawk is Vampire Nighthawk. So play Vampire Nighthawk. A final sugestion is any shade, particularly Liliana's or the Looming variety, against a creature-weak enemy they can equal big heaps of damage.
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