Are Bringers relevant?

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I know I'm going back more then a few years, but my very first love, before I started actually playing and spending, were these absolute bad boys. These monsters which are clearly the grandaddies to those Titan things you all love, even though these are blatantly better Cool.

I just fell in love with the sillyness of them. Hondens too when they happened. The idea of setting up this whirlwind of effects that gave me silly advantage constantly got me a bit giddy waaay back when. And I'm aware of the curses but they aren't anywhere near as awesome.

So, I've tried looking around(albeit briefly), and are these things confined to 100% casual or would I have to be that guy when it comes to these things and make the awesome deck the world is clearly waiting for?
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They're not relevant.  And they're all pratically way worse than the Titans.  The Titans gave you something immediately when they resolved.  The Bringers make you wait until your upkeep.  Not to mention they're smaller, harder to cast and don't have as many relevant abilities (deathtouch, taxing, vigilance...).

The problem is that to ever cast them, you really need to have a 5-color mana base.  Which is next to impossible in Modern.  You'd take way too much damage off the lands, you'd just lose to a Blood Moon and you wouldn't be able to do much besides ramp/color fix and play the Bringers, which means you'd be dead before you can cast them.
Firstly, I know that is a low post count, and this is the internet, but I'm not actually a retard lol, I was totally kidding about the Bringers being superior to titans.

Although, there were ways of getting 5 colours back then with basic lands...

But yeah, I didn't think the turn 3 win-fest that is modern would allow something like the bringers... Oh well, I might pick up some down the line and keep it casual!
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Modern isn't really turn 3 wins all around.  There are a lot of control decks that do very well, and most of the "combo" decks don't really win until turn 4-5.  The problem isn't that you can't get them online, it's that they're not going to be good once you get them into play.  Also, the metagame excepts there to be decks with fragile manabases because Jund and Tron exist.
They're 100% casual; however I could see some casual players seeing their effects as being too powerful. Its not hard to cast them--Channel the Suns, some mana dorks, and some form of card draw is what you'd need.
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