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The Dungeon Master Experience
Trust Gnome One

by Chris Perkins

Trust is a major theme in the Iomandra campaign, and any time I can contrive scenarios in which trust is strained or put to the test, the more tense (and hopefully fun) the campaign becomes.

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Trust Gnome One 
3.5 Edition Excerpts
The Beholder

by WoTC R&D

On sale September 18, the 3.5 Edition premium reprints go on sale, featuring new covers and the latest errata -- so, be sure to pick yours up at your friendly local book or gaming store!

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Epic Campain
Web of the Spider Queen
By Aaron Williams

Epic Campain is (usually, but not always) the tale of one Krozat the Mighty, as he strives for his place among the heroes of legend. The only problem is, he’s dead. Those who carry on his name (as well as carry around his bones) find their destinies entwined with his… even if he’s not fully around to appreciate it. So, how did Krozat and company fare at the end of Web of the Spider Queen? Lost in the Underdark, sadly. As we move ahead to Council of Spiders, we discover that the crew has now been sent further into Menzoberranzan itself!

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