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My D&D group is starting a new campaign soon  in which we're all Evil or Chaotic Evil, and I was thinking of rolling a character who's father was an evil Eladrin and Mother was a chaotic evil Drow. How might I go about playing this character?
You sure you don't just want to go Drow? No? Okay.

Well mechanics aside, you'd have to decide how you came about. Your parents species despise eachother, so you might want to figure out how your parents met. Did they fall in love, or was there something else going on?

When your mother was pregnant how did she escape her fellow Drow? She wouldn't be allowed to stay in a Drow community because she'd be killed the moment the other Drow noticed her half-breed. So where did she go? Where and by who were you raised? With whom do your allegiances lie?

For an example of what I'd make (You're welcome to any elements you may like, and if you don't like any then it remains an example:

"It was the perfect scam: an Eladrin Archmage whose hubris was matched only by his skill made his playground beneath their noses, hidden in their very capital. Some call it brilliance, others maddness, but somehow this fly had made it's way deep into Lolth's web, and he intended to have his fun. With his spells and his lies not even the high priestesses could see through his disguises while he set his roots. I'll spare you the details but within weeks the mage became the consort to a noble matron mother. I can't imagine her face when she discovered the ruse, or her fury when her "lover" vanished before she could exact her revenge.
She fled the city that very night, taking with her only a small guard to escort her through the dark roads under false pretences. None of them made it to the surface- she made certain of that- so when she arrived she had only one set of tracks to cover. But it wasn't long before she was no longer alone: my mother birthed me in a secluded grove at midnight. I'm surprised she didn't leave me there- she often recounted the moments after my birth when she first saw my gray skin, the light of the crescent moon reflecting off my green eyes. I disgusted her- but in me she saw potential. I would never be accepted by the Drow or the Eladrin, making me the perfect tool for her revenge against them both.
I don't remember much of my childhood; the dark alleys and cold wilderness, both filled with the kind of people who'd slit your throat for a copper piece. I remember the training. Hours every day she taught me to lie, cheat, steal, and curse my way out of any situation. I remember the day she left; she told me that her people had found us, and they would kill us to ensure the destruction of our house and to gain favor with their mad goddess. By that time I knew my lifes purpose: To hunt down my father, kill him and steal from him whatever power I can. I will use this power to bring both the Eladrin and the Drow to their knees and show them the same mercy they showed my mother and would surely show me if given the opportunity"
The mad grin that crossed her face unnerved the barmaid more than the story she had just overheard- but it wouldn't last long. If the half-breed had intended to leave anyone in the inn alive she might've been a little more discreet. 

dear pelor what's wrong with you people?? That was... pretty good :D 
You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!
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