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Is there multiple version of the core rulebook (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide) like Paizo with Pathfinder?
There are the original ones (Player's Handbook, etc) and the Essentials ones (Heroes of the..., etc), but as far as I know, there has only been one version of each.

The Player's Handbook 2 and Player's Handbook 3 introduce new content rather than being revisions of the original.
Maybe they will reprint the 4e books with the errata for the "grognard" when D&D 7th will hit the shelves :D 

I'm currently GMing Kingmaker (Pathfinder RPG) and D&D Encounters. DMing 4e is really nice. Having all the stats of the monsters/npc in one place is incredibly usefull and easy compare to Pathfinder. I hope that it will be like that for D&D Next.

There were Deluxe versions of the original Core 3. They contained a bit of errata--but at this point not enough to justify the purchase on that reason alone. The were a bit flashier looking, with the silver-leaf edging.
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