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If you have any errata suggestions for Eberron Player's Guide, please add them to this thread.

All around helpful simian

Requesting an errata thread for Eberron Player's Guide concerning the Lyrandar Wind-Rider Paragon Path pg. 72.

The powers Wind Burst and Unruly cyclone only have the Impleent keyword when the path is obviously geared towards Lightning and Thunder powers. The effects of the level 11 feature (+1 attack, +Con mod damage to lightning/thunder powers) and the Mark of Storm feat (A requirement to the PP) have no effect whatsoever on either- making them almost useless.

All around helpful simian

The artificier could have the ranged weapons they're proficient with as implements. 

The chameleon paragon path's encounter and daily attack powers could have an another line, "Choose another ability than Charisma. When using the imitated power you use the chosen ability's modifier in place of that power's normal modifier for effects, if any.
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