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So my DM is basically allowing me to custom up a prestige class. I was dead keen on becoming a Dragon Disciple, but didn't like the idea of losing my caster levels. So my DM is working with me in becoming a Linnorm Disciple with less physical advantages, while allowing my spell casting abilities to grow.
So he's basically asked me what I want out of the class, and, at this point, I'm not really sure.

I've tried googling Linnorms and the information I can find on them is fairly limited.
All I basically know is that I want my character to transform into looking dragon-esque and I want my spell casting abilities to, if anything, be enhanced, not limited.

Does anybody have any suggestions that would be Linnorm-esque and advantageous to my character??

(Currently I'm a 3rd level Elven Sorcerer. Young, cocky, and with a thirst for power, but still the good guy)
You might want to look into the prestige classes in Races of the Dragon for some guidance (or possibly just use one of them if they appeal to you).  You could also skip the idea of of a prestige class entirely and work with your DM on a custom method for gaining the draconic template (from either Races of the Dragon or the Draconomicon) so that all you're doing is devoting a single level to a lighter version of the half-dragon template.  As a third option, you could look into the dragonpacts described in Dragon Magic, since they include some minor changes of appearance in addition to their primary effects.

What you really need to decide is the kind of game effects you're trying to achieve, and what you would be prepared to spend to get them.  Gaining anything of real mechanical significance (as far as the game is concerned) is likely to cost you some levels of spellcasting one way or another.  A full-blown prestige class simply may not suit your goal if all you want is to add some draconic flavour to your appearance.

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Dragon Disciple is one of those early PrCs in the 3.0e/3.5e
crossover, that as time went by, looked less and less good.

Literally, at the end of DD you get the 1/2 Dragon template.
OR ... you could start the game as an Elf with the template.
It does almost the exact same thing.
The difference is you lose 3 caster levels instead of 10 !!
You can even squeeze in LA buy-off.

Ask your DM if you can be an Elf Sorc 1 with the LA+3
template, and then go a minimum of Sorc 3 to play fair.

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What Linnorms are depends on where you're looking, but the versions in the Monster Manual II they tend to have a few things in common... one is spellcasting (about at the same level as a dragon typically though either arcane or divine), they are basically draconic without hind legs or wings, they generally still fly but they do it through the fly spell at will, and they have breath weapons like normal dragons.  They also tend to perform a debuff with their natural attacks-- energy drain or poison-- and have a number of other spell-like abilities not at will.

In a prestige class, I could see that equating to getting the fly spell as a spell-like ability at will eventually (not terribly over powered given that warlock's can do it at about 5th level), maybe the ability to transform a certain number of your spell slots into spell-like abilities, a breath weapon much like dragon disciple, and possibly more limited natural weapons (maybe just a bite) that you can layer debuff spells onto with increased DC or something.  (i.e. if you use a natural attack to deliver a bestow curse, it gets a +1 or +2 to the DC or something which should be balanced out a bit by the elimination of it being a touch attack).  Given that 2 out of 3 linnorms had debuff breath attacks as well, having the ability to layer a spell into your breath weapon (maybe with a penalty to DC) could also be interesting.

Depending on how you set it up, you could potentially water those abilities down to the point where you have either full or only losing 1 spellcasting level for it or you could up the abilities and lose several.  Another option to offset some of the abilities might to be add some invocation prerequisites (i.e. either Dragonfire Adept or Warlock) and have it add new invocations to support that.  In that case, you're losing the caster levels ahead of time to pay for the dual prestige class.

Just as an update. My DM ended up basically ignoring my/your suggestions, haha, but I'm fairly happy with the result...
He said its based on the Dread Linnorm from the MMII as they are the strong spellcasters.
He's made it so I won't lose a single level of spellcasting, which, as a sorcerer, is fairly important to me, so its all looking pretty decent.

Spell casting improvement every level
FORT and WIL saves increase a lot
Minor armour (scales)
Breath weapon (fire and cold  max 6d6)
Blind sense
Energy drain (eventually twice a day)

(And possible "fly" as spell-like ability)

Alls well that ends well-- I might write up my example though, I liked a few of the ideas.