9/5/2012: A Planeswalker's Guide to Return to Ravnica, Part 2

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This thread is for discussion of the second part of A Planeswalker's Guide to Return to Ravnica, which goes live on Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Interestingly enough, the Golgari seem to have the most respect for other guilds, of the ones we've looked at so far. They even have sort-of nice things to say about Selesnya.
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Finish this sentence... "The tunnels of the Corpsefloat can be an especially terrifying part of the undercity, as"

It isn't finished in the article

Also, so I don't sound as negative, I'd like to say that I really like these articles =D
Yay, the Golgari are not as evil as the Selesnya :D

Finally more benevolent
"the savage flamethrower-wielding viashino."

One step closer...!

It's good to see Jarad is still just his practical, morally ambivalent self, although I miss the goblin corps of observers that were so lovingly introduced inĀ Guildpact. The creative panel at PAX mentions "Die trying" as the Izzet motto, but that was introduced as the motto of the Izzet's observers.
I for one can't wait to read the Gruul's attitudes towards the other guilds. "they're shiny. We smash them! They're grubby. We smash them! they're gooey. We smash them!!"
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