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Question regarding placement of Industrial Complex in the philippines and new units.

Scenario - Austrialia/India takes over the philippines in there turn.  At the start of the US turn (Phase I), they purchase an industrial complex to be placed in the Philippines (since it has been under allied control since the start of their turn). 

My question is....Can the US also place land/sea/air units in the Philippines during Phase 7 on the same turn?
Welcome, Deeps84!

No, it cannot.  New units may only be placed at an industrial complex that you have controlled since the beginning of your turn.
Thank you AH_Krieghund,

One more question.  Can Malaya be attacked from two sea zones?  I believe they are sea zone 47 and 44 (Sumatra and Malaya convoy sea zones)
Yes.  However, remember that in order for ships to bombard in support of an amphibious assault, at least one transport must offload from the sea zone that the bombarding ships are in.