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Some thoughts of our local group inspired me to blog

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You may or may not realize that this particular message board is a "legacy" board, a leftover from the period before WotC developed the "Wizards Community", and gave LFR its own group.  They left this board up, but it's no longer the "official" message board for the campaign, and, as such, it now gets virtually no traffic.  (As the VCL for the RPGA, I still check in here every few days, to see if anyone's wandered in here, and to point them to the new board.)

The official LFR group has its own message board, which sees considerably more traffic...and the topic of the future of LFR has been discussed over the past couple of weeks in a thread there, which you may find to be an interesting read.  The thread in question is here:

The LFR group itself is located here:

Note that you may need to apply for membership in the group in order to post there.
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