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I'm wondering if there is anyone near me that can help me out with the game. Someone suggesting using someone else's cards first before purchasing my own cards?! I'm super new. The game looks fun and I want to join. 
you should say where you are ;)
look for a shop here: locator.wizards.com/
and visit them on a Friday evening, that's when most people are there because of the tournament
simply observe and get to talking with people, that should help you on your way
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Who suggested using someone elses cards? Maybe ask him if he has a deck.
I suggested using someone else's cards because she should learn the game before she goes and gets heavy into the game. It can be an expensive card game.

We don't live close to each other, otherwise I would definitely play with her. I'll let her answer about where she lives though.
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If you have friends that play, use their decks.  If you plan on going to events like Friday Night Magic, you should be able to find people there that would be happy to help you learn as well.

My friends and I decided to learn together and start playing.  We each bought an Intro Deck.  While these decks are far from competitive, they did teach us the basic mechanics, and helped us learn the strengths of the different colors.  Some may say this is a waste of money, but I didn't mind learning this way!