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Does anyone know if there are any more  splat books or other 4 e releases coming out or is menzo the last book ?
It seems unlikely at this point. If there are any changes to the release schedule for the rest of the year, we usually find out at GenCon. No 4E news at all came out of GenCon.

A Rule-of-Three promised 4E support in Dragon, at least until the end of the year, followed by corporate speak for "if we can get people to pay us to write it, rather than the other way around, we might have more 4E material in 2013."

Since Menzoberranzen was intended to be a transition book, and it had no crunch at all, I would hesitate to call it a 4E book. As far as I am concerned, Into the Unknown was the last 4E book published, and will probably also be the last D&D book I buy (for a good long while, at least) unless they decide to print a "real" 4E book sometime next year.
Pretty much blows. I wish they would officially just announce that they are done with 4E.

To not even mention anything about the future of 4E at GenCon was wrong of them. They will snub the 4E supporters just as they snubbed those who fled to Paizo when 4th was released.

Mike Mearls- you should know better. If you are attempting to unite all D&D Fans then step up and address 4th edition or a lot of us will not flock to D&D Next.
This will be my third edition transition, and all three have kind of been a total screwjob to the older players.

That being said, I hope that they continue their support for 4E, as that is one of my current campaigns. It seems a bit rediculous to abandon new content for the current edition for the next two years while 5E gets the bugs out. But I guess that's me.

Limited runs of support for all 4 older editions might be interesting and tie in older players back to the game, but I can also understand the concern of this idea being confusing to some, and having limited sales opportunities.     

Just roll some dice.



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I seriously doubt there will be any more proper 4e books. There might be more fluff-only ones like Menzoberranzan, though.

D&D Insider will probably die slowly, with the Wizards removing features and shifting away emphasis until no one pays for it any more. A sad ghost of it may continue for a while, and finally fade into oblivion. 
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