How should the Modules look like?

So I know this is a while away but it's never too early to talk about stuff.

It is a given that DDNext will have plug & play rules modules, they will cover several rules related issues that arise from conflicting playstyles. My question is, What would you like them to look like?

Should they be books unto themselves several hundered pages will different assorted rules? (Think of Unearthed Arcana for 3.5) Should they be a mostly digital resource, pdfs that you download?

Personally I like having paper in my hands to look at but I don't want to go & buy a big book of rules that I may not want or ever use. I would prefer to see them as slim books maybe 10-50 pages long (More or less depending on the complexity)that cover most everything you could possibly need concerning that one rule, say a better more realistic arms & armor book.

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Well, a good chunk of them ought to be in the PHB1, so probably separated by chapter?  Those released after will probably be released with setting books.  I don't see a lot of slim, paperback packets being shipped and sold.  Maybe they'll make them available individually in .PDF and in print alongside, say, the Spelljammer Campaign Setting (...there will be a Spelljammer Campaign Setting, right?)
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