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Hi all!

I would need some thoughts on the following topic:
My players are currently entering a dungeon, if anybody knows "The Scepter Tower of Spellgard" - the part where the skeletons are. I've adapted this area to the level of my players so its not the original.
Anyway, its basically a dungeon crawl, fight after fight. But I would like to add some social encounter or something similar, not really sure though what would fit down there.
Talking zombies that dont know that they are actually dead...? I'm looking for something funny, that gives my players a good laugh inbetween all this violence and gore.

Maybe anybody had a good situation in one of his sessions?

Thanks for sharing thoughts!


Put a barrel in the room. There's a gnome in the barrel, Let it write itself. Happy Gaming
A fight against myconids.
During the fight, spores get released and the PC unknowingly (or knowingly) inhale them.
The psychotropic mushrooms affect them during their next encounter (whatever monster it is looks like a human). The monster starts to attack, but when it gets close enough, it also falls under the psychotropic properties (party members look like it) and it stops attacking. You can now communicate with each other, and the party can talk the monster into joining them (for 1 fight). Right before the next encounter, the monster slowly starts reverting back to its original form (if it was a skeleton, maybe an entire arm transforms back). During the encounter, more of it changes (maybe the head). Immediately after the fight, the whole monster changes back as your spore-effect wears off...a battle immediately takes effect.

Also, under the spore effect, they notice a clown following at a same distance. Pursuing the clown results in a fruitless waste of time as it hides/runs off not to be found until you stop chasing it.
If you want to add some role playing opportunities, give the players a chance to talk to ghosts after the undead are defeated.  They can learn some history, gain some clues, and have a mix of things besides combat.  Or create a puzzle/mystery they can solve through finding clues such as pictures and old documents.  Or they could rescue some people from a stasis chamber part of the way into the dungeon to mix things up a bit, and have to deal with some strange living victims.
That spell was called speak with dead.
The Citadel Megadungeon: http://yellowdingosappendix.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/the-citadel-mega-dungeon-now-with-room.html
Some nice ideas, thank you!
@yellowdingo: I dont want to rely on my players having the idea to use that ritual... I'm not even sure one of them can cast it.
I've got some different player types, some just wanna frag and others would like to do some social stuff, but they never complain if it doesnt happen - so I wanna make sure they also enjoy themselves.

That gnome in a barrell... I like the idea, sounds very funny! Never thought of something like this
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